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Call your member of Congress NOW! Protect our Progress!


This is a crucial time to contact your member of Congress regarding the Republican’s attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act. You can do so by clicking HERE.

Call them and tell them that you want them to vote against the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Need some reasons why? How about because, despite their ridiculous name for the bill (“Repeal the Job-Killing Health Care Law”), the Associated Press and McClatchy News Service are both suggesting quite the opposite is true. In fact, a report from Harvard economist David Cutler says that jobs will be lost if the law is repealed. In other words, just the opposite of what the Republicans are claiming. (I know, I know. You’re shocked.)

Want to know how the new law is benefitting people in YOUR neck of the woods? Go to Progress.barackobama.com and plug in your zip code. You’ll find a wealth of information about your area on this topic and a host of other topics.

I called my Congressman today, the Republican Tim Walberg. I spoke to a very nice young woman who recorded my desire to have him vote AGAINST repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Then I asked her if Congressman Walberg was planning on introducing or co-sponsoring any legislation that would increase job growth. I had done my homework and found that he has not done so. Out of 15 bills and resolutions he’s co-sponsored, not one of them has to do with creating jobs and a third of them are involved in repealing some or all of the Affordable Care Act.

She told me she didn’t know of any legislation specifically but that “creating jobs is the Congressman’s top priority”. She suggested I sign up for his email service.

It’s funny about his “top priority” being jobs. For one thing, he hasn’t signed on to a single piece of legislation so far that involves job creation. After two years of haranguing President Obama, former Congressman Mark Schauer, and Democrats in general, you would think that he and his fellow Republicans would be fast out of the gate with job-creation bills. Instead they are trying to return us to a time when job growth was negative and times were much worse. (I know, I know. You’re shocked again. I’m sorry.)

I went to Congressman Walberg’s website and on the first page under “Economy and Jobs”, it says:

For more information concerning my work and views on the issues of Economy and Jobs, please contact my Washington, DC office.

I look forward to your feedback.

Hmmm… I clicked that link and all I got was a map to his offices and a phone number.

I tried his email page and when I clicked the drop-down tab to describe the issue that I was contacting him about, I got this:

Notice anything missing there? Take a closer look:

Yup. Nothing about jobs there.

Now, to be fair, the websites of all new members of Congress, including Democrats, look like this right now. It’s a standard-issue website for incoming freshmen, I guess. But you would think there’d be more, wouldn’t ya? Especially since Tim Walberg has been in this office before? And especially after he spent all that time and energy telling us he had the solution to the problems we face?

They are hypocrites.

Make the CALL.

I’m just sayin’…

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