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I probably give these idiots more attention than they deserve but I just HAD to share this latest piece of hilarity from Judson Phillips at the Tea Party Nation. It’s titled “Why Not?” (membership req’d.)

At Tea Party Nation, we have made it a goal of the Tea Party movement to take over the Republican Party and return it to its conservative roots. ~SNIP~

Recently, on Tea Party Nation, we have been talking about people becoming precinct committeemen to get into the party and influence the GOP back to its conservative roots. As the discussion worked it’s was along, someone asked the obvious question.

Wouldn’t this work in the Democratic Party too?

Why not?

Not only could it be done, it should be done. ~SNIP~

As we talk about the Tea Party taking over the GOP and returning it to its conservative roots, we should be having the same discussion about the Democratic Party.

As we look to 2012, I am looking for a Presidential candidate who is committed to destroying Socialism, much as Ronald Reagan was committed to destroying Soviet communism.

My dream for the 2020 election is that the great President we find for 2012 retires and the battle is between a conservative Republican and a conservative Democrat.

Can the Tea Party movement take over the Democratic Party just like we want to take over the Republican Party?

Why not?

I read this a couple of times, gave it some serious thought, then came up with what I can only describe as the only fitting response to this:


[Wipes away tears of mirth…]

I’m just sayin’…