Bwahahahahaha — January 2, 2011 at 12:19 am

Are you kidding me?


File this is in the “Are you fucking kidding me?” category:

Georgia state Rep. Bobby Franklin (R) has sponsored legislation to force the state to conduct all monetary transactions with U.S. gold or silver coins.

Pre-1965 silver coins, silver eagles, and gold eagles shall be the exclusive medium which the state shall use to make any payments whatsoever to any person or entity, whether private or governmental. Such coins shall be the exclusive medium which the state shall accept from any person or entity as payment of any obligation to the state including, without limitation, the payment of taxes; provided, however, that such coins and other forms of currency may be used in all other transactions within the state upon mutual consent of the parties of any such transaction.

He wants to force Georgia to do all it’s state-level financial transactions in gold and silver coins made before 1965. Exclusively.

Aye aye aye…

I’m just sayin’…