Barack Obama, President Obama — December 20, 2010 at 7:49 pm

What?! Liberals DON’T hate President Obama? Who woulda thunk it?!


Daily Kos diarist, RenaRF, has a fascinating diary up right now (Read ‘Em and [insert emotion here]) that brings out some of the results of a new CNN/Time poll. The results are gratifying to those of us who don’t hate the President. I won’t reprint her entire diary but here are a couple of choice bits:

Overall Approval:
Do you approve or disapprove of the way Barack Obama is handling his job as president? (Dec. 17-19 2010)

  • Approve 48%
  • Disapprove 48%
  • No opinion 4%

The approval rating is unchanged from November of 2010. The disapproval rating went down just a bit from 50% to 48% from November 2010. But it’s the internals of that poll that really caught my attention. They broke it out by Democrat, Independent, Republican, Liberal, Moderate and Conservative. I’ll take it for each descriptor by choice (approve, disapprove, etc.):


  • Democrat 82%
  • Independent 41%
  • Republican 12%
  • Liberal 72%
  • Moderate 60%
  • Conservative 22%


  • Democrat 15%
  • Independent 54%
  • Republican 85%
  • Liberal 27%
  • Moderate 36%
  • Conservative 72%

Do you see that? Self-described “liberals” give him a 72% thumbs-up. And they like the new tax deal at a 64% rate, too.

So much for the ridiculous meme that “Obama is hated by his base” or “Liberals hate Obama”. Check out RenaRF’s diary. It’s a fascinating read.

I’m just sayin’…