GOPocrisy, MI-07, Republican-Fail, Republicans — December 10, 2010 at 7:48 am

Tim Walberg gets a headstart on GOPocrisy over health insurance


Surprise, surprise, my representative here in MI-07, Tim Walberg, is already on the GOPocrisy train. The Jackson Citizen Patriot reported earlier this week that Tim Walberg will opt out of federal health-care coverage. But it’s a nice bit of bait and switch because — wait for it — he already RECEIVES state health-care coverage!!!

“The question is — will they reject their federal health insurance plans or will they shamefully show that they are hypocrites who believe they deserve better health insurance than the people of Michigan?” [Democratic State Party Chair Mark] Brewer said in a statement.

The answer: Walberg will reject it, said spokesman Joe Wicks.

But it’s not because Brewer put out a press release. Walberg didn’t take the federal plan during his first term in Congress, either.

Walberg receives free health-care stemming from his 16-years in the state legislature.

Beautiful. And Walberg is not the only GOPocrite in the country. As the group Americans United for Change reports, another Republican is claiming to “opt out of government-run health care” while at the same time receiving it from another source.

Walberg join his fellow newly elected health care hypocrite…in the next Congress including Bill Johnson (R-OH).

Bill Johnson also neglected to mention he’ll continue to use his government-sponsored health care while declining congressional health insurance. “[Johnson] has health insurance available to him as a retired U.S. Air Force officer.”

Tim Walberg and his friend Bill Johnson are getting a headstart on Republican hypocrisy and the 112th session of Congress hasn’t even begun.

I’m just sayin’…