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Ms. Granholm goes to Washington?


Politico is reporting today that Michigan Gov. Granholm may become part of the Obama administration. It comes as part of an overall shake-up of the White House staff that will give David Plouffe, mastermind of the 2008 Obama for America campaign, a more central role as senior advisor. He will replace David Axelrod who will move into campaign management mode.

Granholm’s potential move to Washington, D.C. was also discussed in a piece at Stateline:

It’s a familiar speculation game that is reaching a fever pitch in several states these days. Besides Strickland, two other Democratic Great Lakes governors — Michigan’s Jennifer Granholm and Wisconsin’s Jim Doyle — have been bandied about as possible additions to the Obama administration in the new year. (Granholm was term-limited this year, while Doyle chose not to run for reelection.)

Granholm, in particular, fed the speculation last week when she told reporters that she has a “good idea” of what her next job will be, and that she will make an announcement in January, according to mlive.com. The rumor that Granholm is looking toward Washington was fueled further by a national op-ed she wrote on job creation for The Huffington Post.

Jennifer Granholm would be a spectacular, in my opinion. Smart, articulate and pragmatic. She’ll fit in very well methinks.

By the way, if you are a Granholm fan, I might suggest staying out of the comments section of the Politico article. Yeesh.

I’m just sayin’…

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