Bwahahahahaha, GOPocrisy, Republican-Fail — November 19, 2010 at 7:36 pm

Solving the country’s budget woes with smoke & mirrors & wishful thinking


The Republicans are pissed. Pissed, I tell ya. They are PISSED about how earmarks are positively wrecking our national budget. They are so pissed that last year they decided that they would have themselves a unilateral earmark ban. Some of them even adhered to it, too! Now Republicans want to pass legislation to ban ALL earmarks.

Here’s what they are eliminating:

See that little red sliver? That’s the part of the Federal budget that is represented by earmarks. It’s 0.45% of the budget.

Know how much of the budget is deficit spending? Here, I’ll show you:

So, somehow, someway, probably with smoke and also, too, mirrors, Republicans are going to make a dent in our $1.42 trillion-with-a-T budget deficit which is 32.9% of the budget by eliminating $15.9 billion-with-a-B worth of spending which is 0.45% of the budget.

Isn’t that amazing???

Oh. One more thing: money that is earmarked is not extra money in the budget. It’s money that has already been allocated by Congress. Earmarking just says where it goes. So, in reality, they are going to make a dent in our $1.42 trillion-with-a-T budget deficit by eliminating $0 with-a-Z worth of spending.

No wonder Republicans swept the November 2nd election. They’re fucking magicians or something.

I’m just sayin’…