Barack Obama — November 25, 2010 at 10:35 am

Damn Obama! (Or “Happy Thanksgiving”)


This blog entry was first posted on Daily Kos yesterday morning and it has, surprisingly, been one of my most popular diaries there in a very long time. I posted it as a snarky, sarcastic jab at what I think of as Obama is Ruining EverythingTM conservatives and also to highlight that there definitely ARE some things to be quite thankful for from this administration. It caused a total pie fight from anti-Obama progressives who took personal offense to it and/or who think it’s absurd to be heralding Obama’s accomplishments when, in their minds, he’s been such a failure. With that intro, I give you my Thanksgiving Day blog and wish you all the best. I can only hope that anyone reading this has even a fraction as much to be thankful for as I do.

I cannot believe this president and his Democratic “leaders”. This week brought it all home for me.

First, I get a statement this week from my credit card company. I could not believe what I saw. Look at these new account fees:

Late Payment Fees
Previous Terms New Terms
$15 for balances $100 or less $0 for balances $100 or less
$29 for balances from $100.01 to $250 $25 if you have not been late in the previous 6 billing cycles
$39 for balances over $250.01 $35 if you have not been late in the previous 6 billing cycles
Returned Payment Fees
$35 per returned payments $25 for returned late payments (but they won’t exceed the total minimum payment due
Returned Access Check Fee
$35 for returned checks $25; however it will not exceed the amount of the access check.

And check this out: The Late Payment fee will not exceed the total minimum payment that was due either.

Un-effing-believable! Damn that Obama! [Shakes fist at Obama]

Then, I’m renewing my health insurance through my employer and I come across this atrocity:

Dependent Eligibility – Adult children (even if married) will be allowed to continue dependent coverage until age 26. An adult child is considered a member’s natural child, stepchild or legally adopted child, or one who meets legal guardianship status, if that child is less than 26 years of age.

Can you believe it??? 26? For my son who is going to be a senior in college next year? He’s got allergies, a pre-existing condition. Sounds to me like they won’t be denying him coverage, goddamit!

For my daughter who is in graduate school? Hell, she’s a musician, for crying out loud. Surely she’ll be able to find a job immediately after graduation. So will my son who is in the movie-making industry. Those jobs are a dime a dozen, right?

And if my daughter does get a job, that stupid Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act will make sure that she’s paid at an equal rate with the male musicians. Un-be-lieve-uh-BULL!

Un-effing-believable! Damn that Obama! [Shakes fist at Obama]

And then — THEN — the final indignity. It came during a company-wide meeting this week. Our company’s sales were up dramatically over last year’s!!! And they’re even up over 2008, the record year we had right befor the economy tanked and we had our worst year ever in the history of the company! My company’s sales are about 75% automotive-related. The segment I’m in is related to the building industry and we’re up 300%! We’re actually hiring! We’re remodeling our headquarters. IN MICHIGAN!!! They’re restoring our 401K match. They’re letting us roll-over unused vacation days again. Unlike last year, we’re getting bonuses this year.

Un-effing-believable! Damn that Obama! [Shakes fist at Obama]

I don’t know how much more of this utter fail I can take.


I’m just sayin’…