GOPocrisy, John Dingell — October 4, 2010 at 6:49 pm

The utter hypocrisy of John Dingell’s teabagger opponent


Dr. Rob Steele is running on the Republican Tea Party ticket against the Dean of the House, Congressman John Dingell. His campaign has been positively full of fail but today he reached a new level of fail and hypocrisy (or as I like to call it “GOPocrisy”.)

He is having a “Second Amendment Rally” (Pig Roast, actually) and suggesting that HE is the NRA/pro-RKBA (right to keep and bear arms) candidate.

Why is this fail? Because Congressman Dingell is the NRA-endorsed candidate this year for MI-15.

Oh, looky. Dr. Steele likes to shoot. So does his son. But what about John Dingell? Does John Dingell like to shoot?

Considering that John Dingell is a former president of the NRA, I think we can safely say that John Dingell likes to shoot.

But, let’s back up a bit. What the hell is a “Second Amendment Pig Roast” anyway? Will they all be packing heat while they stand around eating pork sammiches and potato salad? Will they actually go out and hunt the pig before roasting it? Will they take up arms to fight the tyranny of Democrats taking away their guns? Because we all know how John Dingell and Barack Obama have been working ’round the clock to take away their guns, right?

Rob Steele is the classic Tea Party Republican. He creates strawmen to burn and he lies about his candidacy. He calls his campaign staff “Steeleworkers” and says they belong to the “Steeleworkers Union”. This is the only way he will ever get the endorsement of any union, I assure you of that.

This particular event is being sponsored by the “Union Conservatives“. Here’s a taste of what they are about (from their website):

  • Union Conservatives are pro-union; however we are completely dedicated to bringing the union leadership back from the spiral of far-left Socialist activism that is spinning them to the brink of disaster.
  • Unions are NOT agents of social change. They exist to better the lives of their members in the work environment.
  • The Constitution is a unique document that means exactly the same today as it meant in 1787. It does not mold and change with society and culture. In other words, the Constitution is absolute, and not a “living and breathing document”.
  • Socialism is a fast growing “stain” in this country and we must do everything in our power to stop the spread of this damaging worldview.
  • “Truth and Reality” is what should lead our steps in all walks of life. This includes in our homes, relationships, work, culture, and in our political views.
  • Conservatism is the politics of “Truth and Reality”, while Liberalism/Socialism is the politics of “Hope and Utopia”.

In other words: they’re teabaggers.

You know what I think? I think Rob Steele isn’t worthy of shining John Dingell’s shoes — much less having the privilege of running against John Dingell.

I’m just sayin’…