MI-07 — October 25, 2010 at 5:41 pm

Schauer’s final ad of the 2010 campaign running in Toledo


Mark Schauer’s campaign for his MI-07 Congressional seat has their final ad of the 2010 election season out and it’s a good one. He hits Walberg hard for his party’s outsourcing stance and uses Walberg’s own words to make the point.

Mark Schauer: Things are tough right now in Michigan, and there are no easy solutions. But one thing I know – unfair trade with China is part of the problem. But here’s how out of touch Tim Walberg is.

Tim Walberg: It’s not China and Mexico that we should really be worrying that much about. We’re getting jobs back from China.

Mark Schauer: Tim Walberg made it way too easy to outsource our jobs to China. That’s wrong. I’m fighting to end outsourcing. And I’m making sure we create jobs here, not China. I’m Mark Schauer, and I approve this message.

The ad is titled “Part” and began airing on broadcast TV in the Toledo market – which includes Lenawee County – on October 23, and is currently scheduled to run through election day.

The decision to run the ad exclusively on Toledo stations is intentional since that’s the media market that serves Lenawee County in the southern part of the 7th District.

Let’s not forget that Walberg’s party is the group that recently prevented legislation from passing that would stop tax breaks from going to companies that outsource jobs to foreign countries. It’s a fitting final salvo from Schauer and it’s the final message people who see it will get from him before they go to the polls on November 2nd.

I’m just sayin’…