Ann Arbor, Conservatives, John Dingell, Republican-Fail, Republicans — October 26, 2010 at 4:30 pm

Rob Steele rallies with the whackos


Hey, kids! Wanna have some real fun tomorrow? Get yourself down to the University of Michigan Diag for a rally with Rob Steele, the teabagger GOP candidate running against John Dingell. It starts at 6:30 p.m. and all the cool kids will be there.

Like Wendy Day, Livingston County teabagger organizer and home-schooling Howell School Board member. I’ve written about her before. For example, she led a petition drive to put Michigan opting out of health insurance reform on the November ballot. More famously, when she failed miserably in that effort, she uttered the historic words “We didn’t fail. We just didn’t succeed enough.”

But the best news is that the emcee is none other than WAAM’s Thayrone X. I saw him in action at the teabagger Waffles are Delicious rally on the Diag last spring. Thayrone fancies himself a real rabble-rousing right-wing renegade. But, from what I’ve seen, he’s basically an aging & boring wannabe. Oh, and pretty much illiterate, too. Here’s how he describes himself on on his webpage. All grammatical and spelling errors are his.

The incredible, incendiary, effervescent, gifted, slightly dizzy, and disoriented Thayrone X, captured here between sets savoring the sounds, enjoying the smell of the crowd and the roar of the grease paint at an outside blues event.

Here I am, having just crawled from the wreckage of my Lambourghini Diablo, on my way home from my stay at The Betty Ford Clinic, drink in hand, taking time to dig it deep at an outdoor event…I think it was the ‘Miss Nude Scandinavia Pageant’…no, wait, it was a biker pig roast. It could have been a ’30 Days To A Better You’ seminar with that weeny, Tony what’s-his-name…I just can’t remember…it’s all a haze.

Seen here in one of my favorite positions, strangleing one of my favorite axes, the dangerous lipstick red Telecaster of soul, I can clearly be seen telepathicly communicating with my neighbor’s dog. He is evident in the gleam reflected in my State Trooper like shades. I think he was asking me to bring home some raw hide chews, if I’m not mistaken.

Here’s a little from the intro page from his website, too:

Come on in. Your audio g-spot will now be massaged by the mink glove of soul via super fine programming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week…Once your radio is tuned into COOLARITY RADIO your antennae will go up real high and never come back down! Shivers and chills will run up your leg, the kind that Chris Matthews can only dream about…This website and all it’s content is approved by The Council To Free The Gay Feminist Bolivian Whales Defense Fund…Thayrone X, Minister of Information for The People’s Ethnic Gender Coalition of Choice and Non Choice for Diverse Rainbow Movement and Environmental Sexual Justice and Color

Ree-eeally class there, Dr. Steele. You’re running against the legendary John Dingell and you have people like Wendy Day and Thayrone X on the podium with you? You realize you’re running for the Congress of the United States of America here, right? Not the president of your frat or something?

Dude, you are so not worthy.

I’m just sayin’…