Democrats, Republican-Fail — October 21, 2010 at 6:59 am

Of Republicans and broken glass and the Democratic clean-up crew


Yesterday morning on MSNBC, Matt Lauer and Chuck Todd had this exchange regarding the so-called “generic poll” that asks respondents about their party choices.

LAUER: …43 percent say they prefer Democrats, 50 percent say they want Republicans. When–did those questions accurately predict an outcome when people actually go into a voting booth and they’re faced not with a generic question…

TODD: Yeah.

LAUER: …but with the names of candidates?

TODD: They do because what we’re finding out is who’s coming–who’s going to show up to the polls, who’s enthusiastic, who’s ready to come–who’s ready to crawl on broken glass to go to the polls? Right now, that’s the Republicans.

See? How typical is that? Republicans will crawl through glass to vote. That’s how dumb they are. Democrats, though? We clean up the mess first. THEN we vote. And, boy oh boy, do we have a Big Mess to clean up after the last eight years…

I’m just sayin’…