Uncategorized — October 15, 2010 at 5:11 pm

I am Christine O’Donnell


I am Christine O’Donnell. It’s been a busy week being you. Goodness, I never realized there were so MANY of you to be! Sometimes I wish I could just wave my magic wand and… Oh, wait. Nevermind.

Before my big debatey thing with Chris (“girly pants“) Coons last week, I reached into my back pocket and realized there was this big, square-headed doofus in there. It was Sean Hannity! Man, I so own that guy!

Anyway, so I was reaching into my back pocket because I don’t like reaching into my front pocket. You just never know when you might accidently brush against your girly bits and then WHAM! suddenly you’re breaking a Commandment and being all adulterish and stuff.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah, I reached back there into my back pocket, nudged aside Sean, and found my crib notes for the debatey thing. I got them from my BFF Sarah the Grizzlycuda. Unfortunately, I accidently lost the page that had the answer to stuff about some court the Supremes are on so I couldn’t answer it right LOL! But I promised I put it on my web page. And I did! My answer is there are NO recent court of the Supremes stuff I don’t like.

“The Supreme Court under Chief Justice John Roberts and Associate Justice Samuel Alito has returned to a rule-of-law court, so there is no longer a laundry list of recent disappointing decisions that stray from America’s founding principles.”

I just love the Supremes!

People have been kidding me about the whole Pakghanistan War thing. They say we were never at war with Russia in the 1980s and that I messed that one up. Well, guess what? I bet YOU didn’t know that either, Mr. Smartypants DemocRAT! And I’m YOU. So I don’t have to know that kind of stuff ’cause you don’t either.

But here’s the thing, though, also: If we don’t finish the job with Russia in Afpakistan, our CONSTITUTIONAL job, I might add, we’ll have to deal with them just like we have to deal with China taking over America” with their Sharia law and stuff. Also, the Founding Fathers.

But if you listen to my Marxist opponent, you’d think we should just invite them over and serve them herbal tea. He doesn’t have the man-pants to stand up to the Communists in Afghanistan or all those Muslims in China, there. Heck, if he grew a little pointed beard, he’d look just like John Lennon. There, too, the Constitution.

So, also, do NOT vote for Chris Coons. He should send shivers down everyone’s back. Not the good kind of shivers, either. Like the kind you get when you reach into your front pocket.

I’m just sayin’…