MI-07 — August 4, 2010 at 4:04 pm

This is how it’s done – Dems on the ATTACK!


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After yesterday’s primary in Michigan, Congressman Mark Schauer (MI-07) now has a general election opponent. As predicted, it’s a rematch against his former for Tim Walberg, a former bible salesman and Baptist minister. I’ve written about him before.

The primary results are not yet a day old but Congressman Schauer has already sent two emails going after his GOPosaur opponent and, in the most recent one, after Americans for Prosperity as well. This is a full-on, full-frontal assault and it bodes well for this election cycle, particularly if other Dems around the country emulate his approach.

Here’s the text of his email:

Walberg signed pledge to defend tax loopholes that encourage companies to ship job overseas

JACKSON – Today the pro-outsourcing group “Americans for Prosperity” launched a $260,000 smear campaign against Congressman Mark Schauer (D-MI) with misleading TV ads that aim to distort Schauer’s record of fighting for Michigan families and businesses.

“This shadowy group was founded by a billionaire CEO whose company actually won an award for outsourcing American jobs to China,” said Zack Pohl, spokesman for Schauer’s campaign. “Since Tim Walberg has pledged to defend tax loopholes that encourage companies to ship jobs overseas, it’s no surprise that his special interest allies are willing to spend whatever it takes to buy this election. Mark Schauer doesn’t work for the special interests – he’s fighting to help our businesses create jobs here, not in China.”

The Americans for Prosperity ad falsely claims Schauer voted to increase the national debt, when in fact he voted against increasing the national debt ceiling and publicly called on Speaker Pelosi to pass a budget that cut government spending. [WTVB, 2/5/10; Citizen Patriot, 3/25/10]

Additionally, the ad falsely claims Schauer voted to cut Medicare for seniors. In fact, the health care reform bill Schauer voted to pass was endorsed by AARP. At a town hall meeting earlier this year, Michigan AARP government affairs director Felicia Wasson said, “We would never support a plan that cuts Medicare.” [Detroit News, 3/30/10]

Americans for Prosperity Founded by billionaire CEO:

  • “Mr. Koch, a major contributor to the Republican Party and supporter of conservative causes… helped establish the nonprofit Americans for Prosperity Foundation, which supports free-market policies.” [New York Times, 7/10/08]
  • “Americans for Prosperity got over $5 million from Koch Foundations between 2005 and 2008.” [MSNBC, 3/31/10]

Koch Industries subsidiary won award for outsourcing American jobs to China:

  • “Freeborders and INVISTA Named Winners of Outsourcing Excellence Award; Prestigious Award Recognizes New Sales and Sourcing Platform for the Global Textile Industry.” [Freeborders Press Release, 6/1/06]
  • Invista is a key subsidiary of Koch Industries. [www.invista.com/page_whois_shareholder_en.shtml]

Walberg has signed a pledge to defend tax loopohles that encourage companies to ship jobs overseas:

  • In May 2010, Americans for Tax Reform stated that their pledge required opposition to The American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act of 2010. The legislation would have closed a variety of different loopholes that actually create tax incentives for companies to move American jobs overseas. [Americans for Tax Reform, 5/20/10, Washington Post, 6/9/10]
  • Tim Walberg has signed the ATR pledge. [www.atr.org]

That’s how it’s done, in my opinion. Take on the GO-Tea bluntly and with a no-holds-barred approach. Make them answer for their hypocrisy and their outright blatant efforts to benefit their corporate leash holders at the expense of average Americans.

And there’s so much to go after with Republicans:

  • Supporting Big Business in Wall Street Reform legislative efforts
  • Supporting Big Oil in attempts to hold BP and other oil companies responsible for their failures and make them operate safely
  • Supporting climate deniers (i.e. “Big Energy”) by refusing to limit greenhouse gas emissions and impose a Carbon Tax in any form at all
  • Supporting Big Insurance by doing what they can to prevent health insurance reform and regulation of insurance markets
  • Supporting Big Coal by preventing further regulatory/safety reforms
  • Supporting Big Wealth by demanding that the top 2% wealthiest Americans get to keep their budget-busting Bush tax cuts

The list goes on and on.

Democrats need to take this fight TO the Republicant’s swiftly, aggressively and repeatedly between now and Novemer 2nd. Congressman Mark Schauer has already started. Hopefully Dems around the country will follow his lead.

I’m just sayin’…