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Netroots for the Troops – Here’s what we did


After having raised over $1,000 for the Netroots for the Troops efforts, I had the very sincere privilege of helping the Netroots for the Troops crew produce 300 CARE packages that were sent to men and women in the military in both Iraq and Afghanistan. I have pledged to try to help more next year and in future years until we are done with both of these wars.

Here’s some photographic evidence of our amazing few days. But, first, a video narrated by Tony Gattis, the Executive Director of Netroots for the Troops, aka “Tex Dem” at Daily Kos. Tony is the Cat Herder in Chief that makes this all happen. You’ll note many of the photos in the video are mine ;)

TexDem is one of the coolest cucumbers you’ll ever have the pleasure to meet. He was constantly being barraged by questions, tugged this way and that, yet he was patient, efficient and direct, staying calm and ungrouchy when a dork like me would have been screaming, “Leave me alone! What am I, Answer Guy or something???!”

A pensive-looking TexDem with CABerkeleyWV

Velovixen lookin’ good in her NFTT garb

Bringing the stuff out to the NN10 floor for staging

Ready for packaging

TexDem makin’ it happen

Navajo with her CAREfully packaged box

The finished product

Here are a couple taken by other folks showing me in action:

Here’s what we packed into the boxes:

2 pairs of Mechanics gloves (L and XL)
1 sand scarf
1 pair high-quality, sand-proof sunglasses
can of coffee
12 disposable razors
baby wipes
adult flushable wipes
small pack of hotel sized toiletries
trail mix
beef jerky
2 DVDs donated by Redbox
2 decks of cards (donated by the casino)

I’m just sayin’…