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James O’Keefe: “I am the lowest form of morality”


This is aweseome. James O’Keefe, Pimp Impersonator Extraordinaire, has admitted that he is the lowest form of morality.

[What I do] is the nadir of morality.

Via Webster’s Dictionary:

Pronunciation: ˈnā-ˌdir, ˈnā-dər
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French, from Arabic naḍhīr opposite
Date: 15th century

1 : the point of the celestial sphere that is directly opposite the zenith and vertically downward from the observer
2 : the lowest point

Video, courtesy of Think Progress:

Here’s the full quote:

I can’t get to the point where they finally admit to me that I’ve gone too far. And then they say that this is immoral. How is this immoral? Beloch has said that salaried — shouldn’t salaried public servants should be perpetually watched, be kept under control, be suspicious? I think this is the nadir of morality. I think this is the most moral thing you could possibly do.

Jim, Jim, Jim, you most-moral pimp impersonator. Here’s the deal: you ask us to take you at face value and to hear what you say. I have done this and here’s my take:

I agree with you.

Yes, Jim, you ARE the nadir of morality. You are the absolute lowest point on the morality scale. I never thought you and I would agree with you on anything at all but, on this, we are in complete confluence. You and your posse, supported by the other lowest-on-the-morality-scale henchman on cable news, took down ACORN, a group that is was doing more to help poor people in this country than anyone else.

Well done, sir. Thank you for expressing your opinion about yourself in a way I probably wouldn’t have done so succinctly.

You are here by christened “Mr. Nadir”. The lowest form of humanity. Except that we’ll pronounce it properly (NAY-der), not like YOU pronounce it (Neh-DEER).

I guess it’s true that, sometimes, being an idiot is self-punishing.

UPDATE: As psnyder at Daily Kos points out, this illiterate piece of crap also used the wrong word when he said this:

Beloch has said that salaried — shouldn’t public servants should be perpetually watched, be kept under control, be suspicious?

Suspicious? Uh, yeah, dude. Suspicious of idiots like you, for sure. Suspect, though? Not so much.

To paraphrase Keith Olbermann: That man is an idiot.

I’m just sayin’…