GOPocrisy, Republican-Fail — August 25, 2010 at 8:51 am

Eff you, ‘baggers. Maybe WE should “Go Galt”.


Honestly, I’m starting to get a twitch in the corner of my eye and a weird little nervous tic has developed. Watching the contortions of conservatives, particularly teabaggers and the worst of the worst Republicans (I’m lookin’ at YOU, John Boehner) is starting to push me to the brink.

Screw you guys. Maybe WE should “Go Galt”.

These supposed “strict Constitutionalists” (honestly, some of the worst teabagger candidates run under the banner of “The Constitution Party”), the ones who carry signs demanding that Constitutional lawyer and President Barack Obama stop wiping his ass with the Constitution, can’t even hold a meme like that together for more than a few weeks.

  • The First Amendment seems to be subject now to reinterpretation such that it’s not acceptable to build a community center and place of worship in New York City anywhere near where the World Trade Center used to stand if it’s Muslim. Apparently their self-worth and self-awareness and self-confidence is so shaky that they simply can not withstand this sort of non-blasphemy to be tolerated. First Amendment, First Aschmendment.
  • The Fourteenth Amendment needs to be repealed according to these mouth-breathers. Can’t be havin’ no anchor terrorist fetuses and ankle-biters now, can we? Nope. This wholly sacrosanct part of the U.S. Constitution is now considered negotiable. Fourteenth Amendment, Fourteenth Aschmendment.
  • The Seventeenth Amendment is disposable, too, according to these totally egotistical assholes (see what I did there?) No, we shouldn’t elect our Senators, they say. They should be appointed by the states, they say. That somehow gives us more freedom and liberty, they say. Seventeenth Amendment, Seventeenth Aschmendment.
  • But the Tenth Amendment? Well that is a totally different story. These Neanderthals, jerks who are willing to dispose of Amendments that get in their way, want to reinterpret the Tenth Amendment to make sure the health insurance reform is stopped dead in its tracks. Of course the Tenth Amendment was never intended for such a thing but these oh-so-very-strict Constitutionalists are willing to contort it and bend it and reshape it in their own image. Tenth Amendment, Tenth Aschmendment.

These same brainless idiots will fight tooth and nail against their own self-interest at every juncture. They will fight to the bloody death for preserving budget-killing, deficit-escalating tax cuts for their uber-wealthy overlords, the ones that own the shops where they work day in and day out to eke out a living. I feel certain that those overlords that make up the upper 2% of our economic strata laugh and laugh and laugh over their cigars and scotches about the poor “little people” paying for their big tax breaks that they promptly invest rather than pumping back into the economy. And they claim the moniker of the original tea party activists who protested taxation without representation? This is over-representation with under-taxation. The irony – it burns.

And speaking of fighting against their own self-interests, these morans, the ones that benefit from having good health coverage, a forty-hour work week and 401K investments at work go on and on and on about “union thugs” that have paralyzed our country’s industrial base. According to them, labor unions are to blame for many of the economic woes we face, not the least of which is how they brought down the Great American Auto Companies. Of course, it didn’t have anything to do with the fact that Americans want fuel-efficient, economic cars that only foreign companies were building. Fuel efficiency is for sissies.

These are the people who so devoutly revere the “Founding Fathers”, immigrants from another continent. Yet they treat today’s immigrants with deep suspicion and distrust. If you aren’t Caucasian, if you dress differently than is dictated by American “culture”, if you worship to a different god or speak with a non-American accent, you are immediately categorized as the enemy. Papers, please.

These same brainless idiots, the ones who demand smaller government and less government intrusion, they want to legislate everything from sexuality and reproductive rights to the type of medical research that can happen and the places where we can worship. They “support the troops”, alright, but when these very same troops could be helped by social programs when they get back (like the social welfare so many of them are on) or could benefit from medical advancements like spinal cord injuries or simply ending the goddam wars and bringing them home out of harms way? Well these brainless idiots are having none of that.

Well, I’m having none of them. Maybe it’s time WE “Go Galt”. Imagine a scenario where all the progressives of the world could simply divorce themselves from the insanity that the conservative right has become. We can’t, of course. We’re all on this earthship together. But think about it for a minute.

  • Imagine our country without the benefits of environmental regulation.
  • Imagine our country without the benefits of the social safety net.
  • Imagine our country without the benefits brought to us by organized labor.
  • Imagine our country without the benefits of religious freedom.
  • Imagine our country without the checks and balances against the “tyranny of the majority”.
  • Imagine our country without the benefits of financial sector regulation, minimal as it may be right now.
  • Imagine our country without developments spurred by the drive for clean energy sources.
  • Imagine our country without the benefits of civil rights gained in the past few decades.
  • Imagine our country without a drumbeat to roll back all of the progressive gains made in the past century.

That’s what Teabaggerstan would look like. If there were some way we could take our ball and split, leaving them to their caveman credos and ethos, Teabaggerstan would become a self-immolating failure in a short time.

But we can’t leave. And, more importantly, we WOULDN’T leave. This is OUR country, too. And we don’t want our country back, we want our country FORWARD, constantly evolving and improving and moving toward the ideal of the “perfect union”.

I don’t know how we can be losing the message war against these people. Maybe we need better publicists and marketers for our message. More likely we need to find a way to take the incredible amount of money that goes into our political system and make it so that it’s not profitable to be pro-corporation and pro-millionaire when you’re in office.

I’m just sayin’…