MI-07 — June 21, 2010 at 6:35 pm

Popcorn Time in MI-07 continues…


The fireworks in the Republican primary race in Michigan’s 7th Congressional District is rising to riotous proportions. The latest salvo comes from GOPosaur candidate Marvin Carlson (I know, I know: “Who???”) He’s helping spread the meme that (a) Brian Rooney is CINO (Conservative in name only) who’s using family money to bankroll his carpetbagging campaign and (b) Tim Walberg is a hypocritical has-been who is living on the taxpayers’ dime. Fun times…

In May, Carlson issued a challenge to his opponents in the 7th District to release their tax returns, because he wanted to show that he was the only candidate that has built businesses in the private sector and created jobs.

All of them obliged and handed over their returns except for the campaign of newcomer Brian Rooney, whom refused.

Carlson alleges…one reason why Rooney may not have wanted people to see his tax return is because he lives on a trust fund provided by his family. Carlson did not offer any supporting materials to back up that claim in the statement.


Carlson also brought up the fact that Rooney’s uncle, Art Rooney, endorsed President Barack Obama during his 2008 presidential campaign and last year on St. Patrick’s Day, Obama nominated Rooney to be his Ambassador to Ireland.

“Maybe Brian Rooney does not want the folks to learn about his family and how they use their fortune to buy influence and look for opportunities to gain political power much like the Kennedy family did a generation ago,” Carlson wrote.

See? He’s so liberal he’s practically a Kennedy!!!

He didn’t hold back on Tim Walberg either.

“While talking about a return to self reliance and entrepreneurship on the campaign trail, Tim Walberg personally relies on a taxpayer paid pension,” Carlson wrote.

Walberg’s tax return showed that the bulk of his family income comes from his legislative pension after serving 16 years as a state representative.

Rooney as a trust fund liberal and Walberg as a freeloading wannabe on the public dole? That’s comedy right there, folks. Pure comedy.

Meanwhile, Congressman Mark Schauer is actually doing things that help his constituents in the 7th District. You know, stuff like trying level the playing field for US companies competing with Chinese manufacturers.

But go ahead boys, you go on and throw sticks and stones at each other. Grown-ups like Congressman Schauer have work to do.

I’m just sayin’…