Uncategorized — February 7, 2010 at 11:03 pm

Super Bowl Ads 2010 — mostly offensive and/or dumb


First of all, congratulations to Nawlins and Saints fans everywhere. What a great game, great victory and a great team with tons of heart. The game just finished and I’m pretty sure I can hear the party all the way up here in Michigan. Speaking of Michigan, could you guys send a little good luck juju up to us? We got hit by an economic hurricane this year and many of our folks are really hurting as a result. And, well, what can you say about the Lions that doesn’t end with a punchline?

Anyway, I just want to say that the ads this year were a gigantic disappointment, right? About one-third dumb and insipid, another third offensive and the remaining third just plain boring.

There were no less than four commercials depicting men as hapless goofs & lovable victims. Victims of who? Why their domineering wives, of course! In all of these commercials overbearing wives are keeping their husbands from having happy lives.

Honestly, when did it become funny/acceptable to show men as innocent victims and women as castrating bitches in ads???

Budweiser had the obligatory cute commercials. Their Clydesdale ads are nearly always winners and some of the other ones were passably funny.

Go Daddy now has no choice but to put out racier and more sexually-provocative commercials each year and, frankly, it’s getting predictable and ho-hum.

The only real standout this year was the Google commercial. I thought it was inspired:

That’s good stuff.

I’m just sayin’…