MI-07 — February 11, 2010 at 7:13 pm

Republican Joe Schwarz: Schauer more effective than Walberg in MI-07


On the City Pulse radio show February 3rd, former Republican Congressman Joe Schwarz, a Republican, said Mark Schauer has been a more effective legislator than Tim Walberg was during his tenure as the Representative of MI-07. The show can be listened to HERE. This section kicks in around 17:35.


Kyle Melinn: You’ve taken a look at two different people who have represented the 7th Congressional district that you once represented – Tim Walberg and Mark Schauer. Who do you think’s done a better job or did a better job representing that district?

Joe Schwarz: Mark Schauer.

Kyle Melinn: Okay, why’s that?

Joe Schwarz: I think Mark Schauer has made a legitimate effort at trying to represent the whole district and is far more aware of what the real issues that the voters in the 7th district care about might be than Tim Walberg. I think Schauer in his year has proven himself to be a more effective Congressman for the 7th district that Walberg was in his two years.

Given that Walberg defeated Schwarz in the GOP primary in 2006 due in large part to a huge influx of outside money (i.e., The Club for Growth) and that he actually endorsed Schauer in the 2008 General Election, it’s not totally surprising. It is, however, gratifying and encouraging.

I’m just sayin’…