Bloggety Blah Blah Blah — February 16, 2010 at 7:13 am

Blog update


To say that this has been a banner three days for Eclectablog would be an understatement. Since I posted my entry on Rachel Maddow on Sunday afternoon, this blog has had 6,883 hits. That’s a bit more than a quarter of all the traffic it’s gotten since I started it in July 2008. Nearly half of the traffic this blog has ever gotten has come in the first two weeks of February.

Most of the traffic since Sunday has been from Reddit and, starting yesterday when it was made “popular”, on Digg.

Both the Maddow diary and my one about (not) Joe the (not) Plumber were cross-posted at Daily Kos and, for about three hours yesterday, I had the unheard of (for me) distinction of having two diaries on the Rec List at the same time. I had to take a screenshot of that!

Once you hit the top of major social networking feeds, other sites start to pick up your link and websites that are “link aggregaters” start sending traffic your way. I’ve gotten traffic from and, for example.

I’ve actually started getting some comments from new visitors, about half of which were negative which is probably a good sign ;)

Someone stole my Rachel Maddow sneaker photo and reposted it over at Reddit (without attribution) and it was in the top ten on the “What’s Hot” Politics page for several days.

Finally, a quick update on my story “Two North” that I have entered in a contest. I am in fourth place out of several hundred entries and the contest ends in about two weeks. I have to be in the top ten to get my story in front of the official judges who will then choose the top three winners. For those that have read my story and voted for it, thank you so much. If you’d like to check it out, you can go HERE for more details.

Anyway, it’s been a wild ride that I don’t expect to last for a whole long time. However, I am hoping that by having days like this from time to time, some of the folks that stop by will come back again to check us out and maybe become regular readers and commenters. It would be fun for this to become a regular haunt for liberals. We shall see…

I’m just sayin’…