Bwahahahahaha, Republican-Fail, Republicans — January 5, 2010 at 6:33 pm

The Lunatic Went Down to Georgia


It had been awhile since I checked in with National Security expert Super PatriotTM freaking moonbat that is Charlie Daniels (yes, that Charlie Daniels) so I thought I’d hop on over to his website and see what type of drivel he was serving up for the New Year.

Mr. Daniels has a blog where he spews his very own special brand of Batshit Crazy TalkTM a few times a month. It’s mostly full of “screw them A-Rabs” and “keep your stinkin’ gubmint hands off mah guns” and “liberals are all a buncha panty-waisted pussies”-type stuff that makes me laugh and giggle endlessly.

Here are some particularly amazing excerpts from his two 2010 entries. If you like Red State and Free Republic, then yer gonna loooo-oooove Mr. Daniels, lemme tell ya.

Mr. Daniels’ first entry of the year is entitled “Sitting Ducks”. It starts out like this:

What has to happen in America to convince people that the Obama administration is in way over its head, in danger of drowning and taking the whole country down with them?

Okay, that’s pretty tame. Then we get this:

There have recently been instances of Middle Eastern types coming aboard a plane in numbers, reserving the seats closest to the main fuel tanks, belligerently refusing to shut off their cell phones and arrogantly refusing to abide by regulations.

They are doing “dry runs”, probing our defenses or lack there of, planning for a day when by hook or by crook, inefficiency or political correctness they can slip explosives on board a plane.

People of America, please listen to me. This is not about the economy; it’s not about health care. It’s about the very survival of the United States of America.

It’s about the lives of your children being in danger, not on the mean streets of Baghdad or the mountains of Afghanistan, but right here at the shopping centers, schools and commercial plane flights in our hometowns.

That’s right. Them dirty scum-sucking A-Rabs are gonna kill your kids right there in their schools and your lovely wife right there at the grocery store. Them fuckers.

Janet Napolitano treats the War on Terror as if was bridge game and people if something isn’t done about the downright inability and inexperience of this administration America could well become an armed camp in the next few years.

Ooo! Now it’s gettin’ good! Armed camps, you say? We have to do something you say? But, Charlie, what should we do? Tell us, tell us!!!

Of course he’s gonna tell us:

These people are minor leaguers playing in a Super Bowl situation. Their naivety and arrogant politically correct approach to the War on Terror is going to get a lot of people killed if somebody with authority in Washington doesn’t wake up from spending our children’s inheritances long enough to do something about the scatterbrained negligence of the Janet Napolitanos and Eric Holders.

And these idiots expect America to docilely give up their guns.


And my advice to you America is if you ain’t got one, go out and get one. A good start would be a twelve-gauge shotgun. You can buy one without going through all the hassle of getting a handgun and loaded with buckshot there is no better close up protection.

Don’t leave the protection of your home to the likes of Janet “everything’s alright” Napolitano. Or Harry “the surge is not working, the war is lost” Reid.

It’s coming folks, be ready for it.

Ah! So that’s what we should do. Git us some 12-gauge shotguns, dadgummit! Then when them dirty A-Rabs try ta blow up some plane full of kids and stuff, you can SHOOT ‘EM with yer 12-gauge. Boo-yeah!

So that was January 1st. He was probably tired after a night of hootin’ and hollerin’ and hootenannyin’. Yesterday he came back with something equally off the wall in a little something he likes to call “Back To the Wall”.

I’m afraid that the majority of people in this nation don’t really realize what is happening with the current presidential administration and S.O.S.O.B. [Ed. note: S.O.S.O.B. = Sell Out Son Of a Bitch] Congress and Senate.

He then goes on to list the things he thinks many people are starting to realize like how our taxes are going to go through the roof and how Obama’s stimulus didn’t work and how Obama is leadin’ this nation “off the charts to the left.” What they don’t realize, he thinks, is this:

But what I don’t think enough people realize is that the most dangerous thing happening is Washington is systematically taking away their freedom and eroding their rights.

We no longer have a House of Representatives, we have a chamber of weak, lily-livered sheep who are lead around by the nose by the likes of Nancy Pelosi who I personally wouldn’t let lead my dog outside to relieve himself.

And what’s that gonna lead to? Death panels, of course:

Obama scoffs when somebody says something about death panels, but search your heart folks, do you really believe Obama when he says there will be no death panels? I don’t.

The veteran’s book, “Your Life, Your Choices” now being circulated by the VA encourages vets to question whether or not they are a severe financial or emotional burden to their families, or if they can no longer contribute to their family’s well being would seem to be an indication of things to come.

Oh I’m sure they won’t be called death panels, they’ll have a much nobler name, but mark my words, they’ll exist and they’ll decide who gets the open heart surgery and who gets the pain pills. It’s called forced euthanasia and it’s a decision that should only be made by Almighty God, not bureaucrats.

Yup, the Veterans’ Administration is encourage our vets to euthanize themselves to avoid being a “burden to their families”. Who the hell knew? Well Charlie Fucking Daniels did and he’s lettin’ us all know, that’s who! And don’t fergit: only Almighty God gits to decide who is forcefully euthanized. Not some librul commie bureaucrat.

And why is the gubmint doing all this? Well, duh:

This is simply about power, power over you to bend you to the godless will of socialism, and socialism can’t exist without an all-powerful central government, what this is becoming is a dictatorship. Why else would a president need so many czars who can circumvent the elected officials – such as they are – to enforce his will on we the people?

Welcome to the United Socialist States of Amerika.

See what he did there? He spelled “America” with a “K”. Cleveh!

And what about THIS???:

Do you think maybe the day will come when you have to be a union member to receive health care?

Or this:

Do you not realize that Obama is trying to unionize America could the day come when Obama tries to pass a bill to do away with Right to Work states?

Oopsie, fergot the “K” in “Amerika”, Mr. Daniels sir.

Perhaps the funniest goddam thing he says is this:

Do you realize just how much influence people on the far left fringe have on this White House?

Clearly this guy does not read the liberal blogs I read!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!!

Finally, he finishes up his screed with a call to arms. But not really arms like guns and stuff, just, you know, like non-gun arms or something I guess.

Do you feel the wall at your back, America? I do.

We’ve got two choices. We either change the course of American politics or kiss the land of the free and the home of the brave goodbye.

Oh and by the way, for you cherry pickers. Lest you point your fanatical little finger at me and accuse me of advocating armed insurrection.

I am not.

Nope. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t git yerselfs a twelve-gauge shotgun and stuff, though, right, Charlie? You know, the kind that are so much easier to git than handguns?

I’m just sayin’…