Obama, President Obama — November 30, 2009 at 6:55 pm

Meghan McCain has some military advice for Pres. Obama


25-year old Meghan McCain has some military advice for President Obama: Expand the war in Afghanistan. Her advice comes from solid military experience. She has a brother that was in the military.

Her advice comes to him in an essay on the Daily Beast called “My Anger At Obama”. I’m actually not sure why she titled it that way. She never actually mentions why she’s angry at the president.

I am asking the American public to put the pressure on the president and this administration to provide the troops General McChrystal is asking for…anything less than 40,000 is a failure.

At any rate, apparently she’s angry at him and he hasn’t even made his announcement yet.

Much like many liberals at the moment now that I think about it.

I tripped over to Freeperville to see how they were responding to reports that the president is going to increase troop levels in Afghanistan. I knew for sure they wouldn’t be supporting him. They never will. What I was curious to find out is whether they would be advocating a complete pull-out, putting them in the same camp as many Kossacks. Well, I was right that they aren’t supporting him. I guess their reaction shouldn’t have surprised me. There’s no fear that they’ll be joining our camp anytime soon: they are clamoring for him to send many, many more troops than what reports say he is going to send.

Like Meghan, they are convinced that military policy should be dictated by the generals rather than by the civilian leadership in our country. Despite their incessant bleating about how President Obama has shredded the Constitution, they appear ready, willing and able look past it themselves and put policy-making and strategy in the hands of the military.

Oh, thank the heavenly (Founding) Father(s) for the Constitution.

As a former general commented on MSNBC last week, it was the change in policy that turned things around a bit in Iraq last year, not the surge itself since the number of additional warm bodies was not that large. What I anticipate seeing from the president in tomorrow night’s speech is just that: a change in approach coupled with a slight increase in numbers of troops. I agree with Senator Carl Levin who said this weekend:

“The key here is an Afghan surge, not an American surge,” Levin, chairman of the Armed Services Committee and a Michigan Democrat, said on CBS’s “Face the Nation” program yesterday.

“If the president lays out the case for why our combat forces that are going particularly to the south will increase the speed-up of the Afghan army, it seems to me that that would be very, very important,” he said.

But that’s far too nuanced for the likes of conservative Obama-haters and brilliant military minds like Meghan McCain. For them, it’s all about the numbers.

Thankfully, our president is just a tad more thoughtful than that.

I’m just sayin’…

I actually think that Meghan McCain is a decent writer and is pretty danged progressive on some issues like a woman’s right to choose an abortion and gay rights issues. I just think it’s absurd that she thinks she’s got anything to say about our strategy in Afghanistan that’s worth listening to.