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Forays Into Freeperville – Palin on Military Bases Edition


After I learned that Alaskan blogger Sarah Palin taking her anti-Obama rallies book tour onto our country’s military bases, I thought I’d wander over to Freeperville (the Free Republic) to slog through the muck and slime and see what they think of this.

What they think of this is that (a) well, duh, of course she’s going to military bases, (b) the military’s decision not to allow the media is just one giant fuck-you from the Obama administration that is nothing short of an abridgement of her free speech rights, and (c) she’s not a politician.

No, really. They say she’s not a politician.

So join me under the fold for this week’s episode of

Forays Into Freeperville – Palin on Military Bases Edition

So, yeah, Alaskan blogger Sarah Palin kicked off her 2012 campaign book tour in Michigan this week. I diaried about it HERE and HERE. She even brought the fam along:

Sarah and her prop baby – photo by Rex Larsen | The Grand Rapids Press

Then the Associated Press announced this:

The U.S. Army plans to prevent media from covering Sarah Palin’s appearance at Fort Bragg, fearing the event will turn into political grandstanding against President Barack Obama, officials said Thursday.

Fort Bragg spokesman Tom McCollum told The Associated Press that Bragg’s garrison commander and other Army officials had decided to keep media away from Palin’s book promotion. He said the Army did not want the Monday event to become a platform to express political opinions “directed against the commander in chief.”

“The main reason is to stop this from turning into a political platform,” he said. “There are Army regulations that basically prohibit military reservations from becoming political platforms by politicians.”

Seems reasonable, doesn’t it? I mean, besides the fact that she’s basically got no business doing a book tour on a military base since she’s just a private citizen, there’s no question that there’s a media circus around her that has no place on a military base.

Well, not so fast there, you dirty fucking hippy (DFH). She’s not a politician! Just ask the denizens of Freeperville.

For instance, according to Tzimisce:

Sarah Palin is not a politician. She holds no office and isn’t running for anything.

We all know that if a lib was doing this, the left would be howling about “free speech”.

Got it, DFH? She’s not a politician [choke…] and she’s not running for anything [sputter, gasp, collapse into a heap of blithering laughter…]. So shut your lib yap, you free speech-hating DFH.

tet68 concurs:

She does not hold office and is not running for office
so she is not a politician.

See that? Not a politician. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Tublecane thinks our Republic can handle it:

I think it’s perfectly okay for the Army to put itself in the political fray, so to speak. That is, if they want to hold events for interesting people. So long as they don’t officially sanction anything, and their personnel doesn’t participate. What could be better evidence of a free society than a nation’s armed forces sitting idly by while people protest their chief executive right in front of their faces?

But we can’t have a trial for KSM in New York, though. We’re too fragile for that kind of freedom, don’tchya know…

Speaking about base commander Col. Stephen Sicinski, KoRn has this to say:

That moron is just another politician that bows at the altar of political correctness that just happens to be wearing a military uniform. Our brave military does well, in spite of people like him.

Support the troops! Support the troops! Call the troops “a moron”! Support the troops!

NoObamaFightForConservatives (yes, that’s actually their handle) goes further regarding Col. Sicinski:

POLITICAL CORRECTNESS has spread like a carcinoma cancer.Even our highest ranking military…

I TRIED to read this with the military rules and laws… mindset. It SOUNDS like this guy voted for Obama and does not like Palin.

You can always spot the traitors in our midst. They are the ones that follow the rules and try to maintain a sense of decorum when it comes to our military. Ehhhh…or something…

And more from STONEWALLS:

…it’s dollars to donuts that the commanding general at Bragg is bucking for another star…he doesn’t want anybody with Palin’s rock star magnetism making The One look small by comparison….he knows, you know and I know that she’s gonna get mobbed when she appears….don’t want that getting too much MSM exposure.

Ah. Now I get it. This isn’t about following the rules or maintaining decorum. Col. Sicinski is just a brown-nosing apple polisher looking for a promotion. Can I get “Wha-wha” and “Support the Troops”, yo?

londonfog has seen the light regarding the Quitter from Twitter:

I want to say I was wrong. She is a great wonderful conservative. I have Never seen such a political explosion as this week. I have criticized her for lack of substance but my Dad told me at lunch one day 40 years ago “ Son, When this country needs help — God reaches down and brings us a great leader” Ill be damned if I am not watching that right now. You go girl!! We need help now real bad. She is all we have. You can’t even name another.

Gush! Fawn! Praise! Worship! All hail Queen Sarah!

Reminds me of a yard sign I saw and snapped a photo of during the campaign last fall (and, no, I didn’t alter the photo at all):

Heh, heh…

july4thfreedomfoundation puts it all into perspective:

The dependents of Army personnel are civilians.

Even though they are on a military base, they should be allowed to speak their minds….freedom of speech. Otherwise, what the hell are we fighting for?

Exactly. Our troops are fighting and dying in Iraq and Afghanistan for the rights of a former governor to drive around in a giant bus, pimping her Down Syndrome child, to sell books while being constantly surrounded by a total media clown show. God bless America.

Tribune7 asks:

Did the Army also keep the media out of Sarah’s talk at that college? I don’t think Sarah is letting the media in her events.

Right. Palin has banned all media coverage.


HiTech RedNeck explains the decision:

I think they’re embarrassed to let know the numbers who will turn up to cheer Palin vs. those turning up to cheer Bummer. With no press there, nobody can report that.

Right. ‘Cause she’s getting, like, NO coverage at all on this goldurned book tour of hers, eh?

Hoosier Daddy goes further:

Plus the Military knows most of the soldiers hate the Quisling-in-Chief.

Yeah, like these soldiers, eh?

More from ronnie raygun:

Can’t have the American citizen see for themselves how much the miliatry and thier families like Palin can they. The cancer has inflicted the military higher ups. Look no further than FT Hood

This whole SUPPORT THE TROOPS! thing is really catching on, isn’t it?

manc sees a deeper conspiracy:

I bet those orders came from the white house as they are running scared of Sarah and it is quite amazing to see how they are going nuts.

Yeah, boy, the Obama administration is just ALL tore up about…uh…what’s her name again?

GunnyB agrees:

This is some zero political hack behind this – no more, no less. The dims are scared out of their minds about how badly Sarah will clean their clocks in 2010 and again in 2012. Hell, her approval ratings are tied with zero’s and he’s the flippin’ Messiah…

Yeah, shit, man. I am just SOOOOOO askeert over the Alaskan blogger. Shivverin’ in mah boots, in fact. With laughter.

cranked has an interesting take:

Hasan = Army = political correctness
Palin v Obama = Army = political correctness

See a pattern here

Wait. This is Palin vs. Obama? Really? Did anyone tell the president about this???

And then came the news that the Fort Bragg leadership was going to allow limited media coverage.

Army officials had said they would prohibit coverage of Palin’s on-post event, saying it would turn into political grandstanding against President Barack Obama.

The Associated Press and The Fayetteville Observer objected and the military changed its position slightly on Thursday night. It will grant a pool of reporters restricted access to Monday’s appearance.

Fort Bragg spokesman Col. Billy Buckner said members of the media will not be allowed to interview the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee and will be barred from talking to her supporters on post.

That’ll make ’em happy, right?


Here’s Texas Eagle for example:

Well, yeah. The way the media came to Maj. Hasan’s defense so quickly, The Army is wise to limit potential Hasan-sympathizers from gaining access to Sarah.

Because, what, they’d try to kill her or something? What? I don’t get it? But, it’s true, the media has really been easy on Maj. Hasan after he killed and injured so many soldiers… [dramatic eyeroll…]

And, finally, we learned yesterday that Palin will be visiting none other than Fort Hood, the location of the tragic mass killing by Maj. Nidal Hasan.

“I’m especially looking forward to meeting our brave men and women in uniform at Fort Hood,” Palin, the 2008 GOP veep nominee, wrote on her Facebook page. She plans to visit Dec. 4.

“I’m joining the efforts of many others by donating my royalties from the book sales during our stop at Fort Hood to the families of the victims whose lives have been forever changed by the tragic events,” she added.

Sarah Barracuda thinks this is awesome:

I dont think this will be a book tour, I think she will meet with the soldiers and their families. She should request that the media be barred from this. That prick Norah O’Donnell follows her everywhere, she is even in Indiana today. Its a wonderful gesture on Sarah’s part. She cares so much about our brave men and women who fight for our country. Meanwhile Obama says taking pictures with soldiers is a nice “Photo op”

Right. This isn’t a book tour. This is just out of the goodness of her heart and isn’t self-serving in the least. Hang on. Pardon me for a sec:


[Ahem. Sorry.]

At the suggestion that this event at Ft. Hood might be a bit too soon, curth sets that particularl commenter straight:

Not too soon at all. She is a patriot unlike the half assed, flag dissing asshole we have in the White House.

Altogether now, on three – One, two, THREE: CLASSY!

Well, that’s all for today. I need to grab a quick Brain Bleaching and sterilizing shower before lunch is served. Have a great weekend, ya dirty fucking hippies!
Oh, wait. To quote Rachel Maddow: “Just one more thing…”

That elephant-covered-with-lipstick cartoon up there was actually posted on one of the Freeperville threads quoted here. It got this harsh rebuke from Wpin:

What an inane, ignorant cartoon…why would you post it here? Looks like something the braindead would enjoy over at Daily Kos…

Righto, Wpin. We are definitely enjoying now! Bwahahahahaaaa!!!

I’m just sayin’…