Uncategorized — October 10, 2009 at 10:07 am

Stuffed Deliciousness from the Garden


Last weekend’s harvest of bell peppers and Beaver Dam peppers got turned into “Mexican” stuffed peppers that now reside in the freezer.

It started with a sinkful of deliciousness:

The day before we had made a huge pot of stuffing that’s mainly peppers, onions, chilies, black beans, more chilies, tomatoes, rice and more chiles along with some awesome spices, vegetable broth and lots of chilies. We simmered it for about 90 minutes and then refrigerated it overnight.

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, I slaughtered the peppers by lopping off the caps and scooping out the seeds and veins. Notice the caps to the right there? They got diced up and tossed into the freezer.

Finally, I stuffed ’em and froze them overnight. Once frozen, they got put into Ziploc bags for eating, slathered in homemade enchilada sauce on cold, wintery nights. Final yield was about 40 peppers.


I’m just sayin’…