Eclectalife — August 28, 2009 at 6:12 am

Vacation in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula


Mrs. E and I spent all of last week in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We spent one night at the Blind Sucker Flooding State Forest Campground where we saw two bald eagles and a black bear.

We spent three absolutely fabulous days backpacking on Grand Island, a National Recreation Area where we had a campsite right on the beach of Lake Superior, picked wild blue berries and red raspberries for our desserts each night and rode our bikes over 30 miles.

We spent one night at the Rivermouth Campground in the Tahquamenon Falls, near Whitefish Point (where the Edmund Fitzgerald went down) where we saw another eagle and an osprey while kayaking.

The last night we spent at a B&B on Mackinac Island where we had a fabulous dinner for our five year wedding anniversary and rode our bikes a bunch more.

All in all it was a truly great vacation and not too expensive, either. We learned that the tourism industry in upper Michigan is actually doing quite well this year which is one bright spot in Michigan’s economy.

Please head over to Mrs. E’s Flickr Page and have a look at her absolutely stunning photos. You won’t be sorry.

I’m just sayin’…