Uncategorized — August 15, 2009 at 9:54 am

Big Oil Lobby plans astroturf campaign


I highly commend your attention to the DeSmogBlog blog entry “Leaked Memo: Oil Lobby Launches Fake ‘Grassroots’ Campaign”.

According to a leaked memo obtained by Greenpeace, the Big Oil lobby is planning an anti-climate change legislation astroturf campaign modeled on the one conducted by health insurance companies to combat health care reform. Event venues have already been selected and plans are underway to fund and execute “Energy Citizen” rallies across the country.

The event in Michigan is, apparently, September 3 in Livonia so we’ll need to be prepared to turn people out (more to come on that.) Please check out the blog and read the memo (PDF file) from Phil Radford at Greenpeace. In the American Petroleum Institute (API) memo that Greenpeace had leaked to them, Jack Gerard, President and CEO of API said:

“Please treat this information as sensitive and ask those in your company to do so as well…we don’t want critics to know our game plan.

Phil Radford, in a letter to Gerard, concluded his letter with: “Game plan known”.

The question is, will we do what is necessary to combat it?

I’m just sayin’…