Conservatives — July 24, 2009 at 10:20 am

OMFG!!! A Moment of Sanity from Glenn Beck!


I can’t believe it. Mr. “GET OFF MY PHOOOO-OOOONE!!!” himself had a moment of lucidity, sanity and understanding on his television show yesterday. Who is this impostor and what have you done with Glenn Beck?!

The piece was about Henry Louis Gates. Beck had on David Horowitz who basically blamed the entire episode on Gates himself. Beck actually stood up for Gates and then asked for and received the perspectives of two African American staff members.

Via Media Matters:

Partial transcript of Beck’s quite-reasonable comments:

I think the guy got off a plane, he was comin’ from China, he was tired, he was grumpy, etc. etc. And then he’s probably a little bit of an elitist: “Don’tchyoo know who I am???!” That’s not a race thing, I know elitist WHITE people who do that.

Beck actually shows a little bit of understanding for why Gates responded the way he did and expresses some sympathy for how African Americans are treated in some parts of the country.

Color me surprised.

I’m just sayin’…