Ann Arbor, Eclectalife — May 7, 2009 at 5:46 pm

Arbor Brewing Company’s Dart Boards Back in Action!


Back in March, I posted a blog entry about a trip my wife and I took to our beloved Arbor Brewing Company on St. Patrick’s Day. Unbeknownst to me, it was picked up by a local online newspaper called The Ann Arbor Chronicle and was on their front page for several days under their “New Media Watch” section.

I happened to pass the link on to the owner of the Arbor Brewing Company who was delighted for the good review. One of the things I had in the review was the statement:

While most everything else at ABC is awesome, their dart boards are a bit of a disgrace and getting darts to stick in the bull is nearly impossible.

I never intended that as a slam. I mean, face it, the dart boards at most bars are a bit of a disgrace. At any rate, he passed it on to the manager at ABC and viola! the next time we were there, NEW DART BOARDS! Not only that I got a really nice email from the manager letting me know.

So, tonight, after stopping by the local Drinking Liberally get-together, we’re going to head over for some darts.


By the way, the photo there is of a dart of mine one night a few months back at ABC that went nuts on me. If you look closely you’ll see the feather end of the bottom dart is stuck behind the number 17, holding the dart against the board along the x/y-axis instead of the much-preferred z-axis. Darts Gone Wild!

I’m just sayin’…