Bwahahahahaha — April 15, 2009 at 12:15 am

Oh (No) to be in Texas…


Well, it looks like I picked a great fucking week to be in Texas. Looks like they are seceding from the nation.


As usual, Wonkette describes it best:

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is such a badass, right, and he doesn’t like it when those incompetent fucktards in Washington start fucking around with his Texas fucking budget. Ever heard of the 10th Amendment, about how states are responsible for powers not granted to the federal government? Well go suck a dick, Obama, cause Rick Perry went out of his way today to support a non-binding House resolution that fucking says right there, right there on the first page, that the 10th Amendment is… just a really good Amendment, motherfuckers. He supports it. Rick Perry supports that fucking shit

I’m just sayin’…