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Michael Steele Gets Freeped – ‘Snot pretty


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From time to time, it’s “fun” to wade into the slime muck that is the [whispers] Free Republic to see how they are reacting to things. For those that do not know, Free Republic is one the two largest conservative forums on the web. They try desperately to be as relevant as the liberal Daily Kos but, well, they ain’t.

I did it late last week. I was looking for their reaction to Michael Steele’s pro-choice comments and what I found was, per usual, not pretty. ‘Snot pretty at all.

I present to you some of the most provocative stuff I saw there in all its racist-yet-self-hating glory..

From Nathan Bedford:

“Affirmative action in picking National Committee chairmen produces results equivalent to affirmative action in picking presidents.”

C’mon, tell us how you really feel, you racist piece of crap.

From goldstategop:

The Republican Party is conservative in name only. We’re the crazy aunt in the basement party leaders wish would just shut up and go away!

Well, I’ll agree with the second part of that…


I’m sure that if he tried, Steele could have sucked even worse in his first days on the job.
But it’s hard to imagine how.

Okay, I’ma hafta agree with ALL of that. And this one, too, from ari-freedom:

it’s not that steele is pro-life or pro-choice but rather he is pretty dumb.

From Caipirabob:

Steele was over the day he massively screwed up and sat there while facists accused the GOP of being Nazis. He did nothing, apparently he shook his head in agreement. What a pussy. He has no place in the leadership of our party. The man needs to step down before we run him out.

Aw, Bob, where’s the love, dude, where’s the love?

From LibLieSlayer:

I despise the POS and I despise bill bennett for promoting him and allowing him to use his show to promote liberalism.

From Antoninus:

He needs to be aborted as RNC chair. Stat.


From steve86:

Responding to “Instead he’s doing interviews coming off as retarded. And that’s retarded.”

Most retarded people, if you showed then a mother and told them the big belly was because there was a baby in there and asked them if a doctor should kill the baby, would say “NO!”.

Steele is evil, not retarded.

Evil. Got it. * dramatic eyeroll *

From bestintxas:

What’s so bad is that the GOP’s affirmative action selection of Steele will backfire afte he gets fired. Some blacks who may have been attracted to the GOP with “one of their own” as leader will not be prone to see him dissed.

Yeah, the droves of black people that swarmed to the GOP when they chose Michael Steele are going to be sooooo unhappy. All four of them.

From ScottinVA:

How about Rick Santorum?

Eep. Really? Rick Santorum? THAT’S how your going to restore the Republican party to its role as the One True Party. I repeat: eep.

From mkjessup:

We could have had Ken Blackwell, who is as close to a black Reagan Republican as you can get, but the Michael Steele groupies had to have their way, and they got it.

I think it’s time to draft Alan Keyes for Chairman of the RNC, he is a man of principle who will not bend for the sake of expediency, he is unabashedly pro-life, he is utterly opposed to the current illegal 0bamunist regime, and he would give the ‘Rats holy hell 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

THAT is what we need. No more of this damn ‘go along/get along’ crap, we need strict and no-excuses partisanship, whatzat you say? Where’s the ‘bi’ in the ‘partisan’ship?

There ain’t none. Let the ‘Rats be ‘bi’, LOL

mkjessup’s .sig is “You’re either with our Constitution, or you are with TKU (“The Kenyan Usurper”). CHOOSE!!!”

From silverleaf:

I have to conclude his selection by the RNC was their way of saying to the democrats and their black president:

“Look! We have a bracelet too!”

Nice. President “Bracelet”?

From Mr. B:

Seems to be a problem with “articulate minorities” lately, eh?

Put ‘em up there for Affirmative Action & “Diversity” purposes, and you put someone in a position that they are not qualified for…

I thought the GOP/Conservatives didn’t believe in elevating someone above their qualifications to satisfy a skin color quota…

Okay, I’m starting to get it: African Americans are only able to rise the World According to Freepers through Affirmative Action. Noted. Thanks.

From wardaddy:

Good bye Mr PC guilt choice…it’s been real.


From ForeignDude:

The Civil War freed a estimated 4 million slaves. The price to be paid for that noble outcome was not only measured in blood and treasure then, but in blood and treasure down to our own time. The means implemented to free the slaves unshackled the leviathan forever, condemning hundreds of millions in later generations to live in servitude and fear under the shadow of a gargantuan, tyrannical, militarized federal government.

The wisdom of the Founding Fathers held true in their time; it held true in 1861; and it holds true today. They warned us: allowing the federal government to break the bounds of the Constitution in the service of any cause, no matter how noble, threatens ruin to the Nation.

This comment had nothing to do with Steele but I have to say that I found the convoluted logic drawing me like watching a terrible auto accident. Yes, you read it right: he actually suggested that ending slavery ruined the Nation. He actually wrote that. Whoa.

From April Lexington:

They elected one president. We needed one too. Superior logic from the minority party…The RNC needs to be disbanded, fast…

Right. We have “That One” and the Republicans wanted “one”, too, and now the conservatives are all paying the price for all these “ones” in leadership position. President “One”, anyone?

Words of wisdom from SoCalPol:

The DU and Daily KOS must laugh their ass off as the Third Party Republican bashers do their work for them.

Yes, actually. Yes. Yes we do. Totally.

From Mayflower Madam:

“how did Steele ever get elected?”

Ummm… HE’S BLACK?????

Omigod! REALLY????? BLACK??? OMFG!!!

And, finally, a bit of support to Mr. Steele from techno:

Steele, regardless of his perceived defects, is NOT the enemy. Obama and his Marxist hordes are. Never forget that.

That’s all I got the stomach for, my fellow members of the Marxist hordes. Time for a shower.

I’m just sayin’…