Uncategorized — December 6, 2008 at 2:58 am

Obama Sees Mrs. E’s Poster!


A friend of ours happens to know the person who cuts Barack Obama’s hair so she gave them a few of her Obama mosaic posters:

Turns out our president-elect was in for a haircut this week and they showed it to him. It also turns out he liked it a lot! They gave him one and they’re going to have him sign the rest of the posters they have. Mrs. E is trying to figure out how to get back one of the signed copies because, well, that would be just too cool!

Just a reminder that if you would like to order one, go HERE. If you want a free copy of the image for your computer desktop, go HERE. There are links on the Flickr page to several different sizes. Also, any help you can give us getting this out onto the innernets (all of them), would be so much appreciated. We have pretty much no money for advertising so we’re relying on word-of-mouth and trying to help the image go viral to help it sell. Thanks!

I’m just sayin’…