Eclectalife — December 28, 2008 at 11:33 pm

Guess What Santa Got Me?


One of these:

We just re-upped with Sprint but positively hate our new phones and the service where we live is ridiculously bad. Since Mrs. E is running her business out the house, this just isn’t workable for us. We’ll probably end up taking a bit of bath on it initially getting out of our contract but once we combine the AT&T cellular service with our DSL and television and landline, we may actually end up somewhat better than we are now in the long-run. I got the 8 GB version and Mrs. E got the 16 GB one in white.

And, can I just say: iPhones are fucking cool. as. hell.

Thanks goes, of course, to Mrs. E and her fabulous poster.

I’m just sayin’…