Obama — November 26, 2008 at 10:49 am

Mrs.E’s Obama Photo Mosaic Poster – WOW!


As you may know, Mrs. E spent quite a bit of time photographing Barack Obama rallies during the General Election campaign. Now that the election is over, she has put together an amazing mosaic photo with close to 2,500 different faces from the various rallies she photographed, from the Bruce Springsteen concert held on Obama’s behalf, and of many of the volunteers, Field Officers and Campaign for Change leaders we worked with.

Here is the amazing result:

If you go to THIS PAGE, you can use your cursor to float above the image and see close-ups of any section.

Here’s her description of the photo:

I’m a photographer. I photograph interactive panoramas for websites and newspapers. When I photographed Obama rallies I could always find a spot on the risers that faced the sea of people. The rest of the press was there to photograph Barack Obama, I was there to document the enormity of the event, the people who attended. I wish you could have seen what I saw every time I stood up on the press risers and looked into the crowd.

Barack Obama would say that this wasn’t about him, it was about us. I heard his message of inclusion and unity when he spoke and when I looked out into the crowds I saw that same message. The largest and most diverse crowds I’ve ever seen gathering together to be a part of this process, many for the first time.

I wanted to illustrate what I saw every time I climbed to the top of those risers and looked out into the crowd. This is what I saw.

Want a poster? Go to: revolutionaryviews.com/obama_poster.html

This is a photo mosaic created from many of the faces of people who attended the Barack Obama rallies that I photographed. I’m proud to say that own the rights to every one of these photos.

Mrs. E has had the posters printed and they are now available for sale for only $20. They are 18″ x 24″.

If you’d like to help her little homegrown enterprise, maybe you could spread the word for us. Post a picture on your blog (you can get various sizes from her Flickr page HERE.) Email it to your favorite Obama supporter friends. Whatever you can think of to help us get the word out. We’d love this to go viral. I’ll also have some banner ads up eventually that you could throw on your blog if you’re interested in helping us.

If nothing else, it’s a really super cool image for your desktop :D

I’m just sayin’…