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Saving Democracy by Destroying It


Aren’t those virulently uber-right wing Freepers a charming bunch? They love this country and, more importantly DEMOCRACY, that they are willing to completely subvert it and interfere in the DEMOCRATIC process.

Let’s do some “Community Organizin'” to sink Obambi’s Campaign! Takes 5 minutes! Do it from home!!
Barack Obambi web site ^ | 9/6/2008 | politicket

Posted on Saturday, September 06, 2008 10:40:41 AM by politicket

Hello fellow FReepers,

Are you tired of Barack Obambi and the lamestream media tearing apart our SarahCuda?

Barack Obama has just presented us with a GOLDEN opportunity to destroy his Get Out The Vote efforts – all from the comfort of our computer chair.

Do you have 5 minutes to spare? You will be anonymous – and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE!

Here are the details:

Barack Obama has just started an on-line way for his “supporters” to actively participate in his Get Out The Vote drive. It is called “Neighbor-to-Neighbor”. Essentially, you “register” on his web site and they provide you with a list of all the Rats in your neighborhood that they want you to contact.

Now here’s the good part….once you register, they mark your area as ‘covered’ and ‘taken’.

So….why don’t we FReepers ‘cover’ and ‘take’ Obambi’s areas before the Rats get to them?

Again, you will be COMPLETELY anonymous to them.


Here are the steps to make it happen:

1. Go to http://my.barackobama.com/…
2. Create a new user account – BUT, use an anonymous email account – just make one up – but have it appear “legitimate” – like mike.cooper1384@hotmail.com . Create your password – and then use your REAL zip code. Click ‘Sign Up’
3. Now you are presented with a screen that asks for your address. Put in a fake ‘number’, but an accurate Street Name from around your neighborhood. Then put in the correct City, State, and Zip Code. Put in a fake phone number, but one that has the correct area code. Click ‘This is Correct’
4. Click ‘Next’, then ‘Next’, then ‘I’m Ready’
5. Click ‘OK’ and you will be assigned 25 Demonrat voters that ‘Nobody else will be able to talk to’ 6) Click ‘Print Walk Lists’ so that you can see the Rats from your neighborhood

Congratulations! You have just hurt the Obambi campaign…AND know who in your neighborhood to keep a wary eye on! :-)

Pass this to all of your FReeper lists. It’s time to kick some tail!

They’re so cute when they’re undermining the democratic process in this great country. Just makes me want to give ’em a big ole hug slap the shit out of them. Did you notice the clever use of “Rats” and “Demonrats” instead of “Democrats”? Isn’t that just the cutest and most cleverest thing evah!?

The Right Wing is FAIL and they are running scared. Seriously, how lame is your party when you have to rally behind someone like Sarah Palin as a “leader”? Pathetic. Lame and fail and pathetic.

I’m just sayin’…