Uncategorized — September 24, 2008 at 8:18 pm

Rick Davis: Corrupt, Paid-Off McCain Campaign Manager


This is Rick Davis. Rick Davis is one of the top honchos in John McCain’s campaign for president, his campaign manager, in fact.

Rick Davis is a crook.

He’s been getting paid for years by the failed Freddie Mac. Up until last month, he’s been getting $15,000 a month. For what? you might ask? Actually not much. It would appear they were simply keeping him happy and favorable toward Freddie Mac until such a time as John McCain became president. Then all that money, an investment really, would pay off.

Because they would have one of “theirs”, a man bought and paid for, with the new president’s ear. In fact, he’d probably be his Chief of Staff or something along those lines.

Rick Davis is a corrupt, hypocrital, lying crook.

(By the way, I’m using the word “crook” in the “he’s a corrupt piece of shit who’s using his political influence to get his ass rich as fuck” sense. Not in the “he did something illegal sense.

“Country First”? Nope
“Change Is Coming”? Nope
“Reform. Prosperity. Peace.”? Nope
“Not illegal”? Okay, that’s true.

Maybe that will be McCain’s next campaign slogan:

Not Illegal

That’d work wouldn’t it?)

I’m just sayin’…