Uncategorized — September 22, 2008 at 5:12 pm

McPalin is HIDING!!!


It’s been over a month since John McCain has done a “press availability” where he answers actual questions, ones he hasn’t prepared for ahead of time. Sarah Palin has been his vice-presidential candidate for over three weeks and has yet to do a press conference although the election is a scant six weeks from now. They are doing what appear to be question-and-answer sessions (“townhall meetings”) but these are by-invitation-only Republican events and the questions are not asked by reporters, only supporters.

And now we find out that they’ve reconfigured the vice presidential debates to “have shorter question-and-answer segments than those for the presidential nominees” and which will allow for “much less opportunity for free-wheeling, direct exchanges between the running mates” because “McCain advisers said they had been concerned that a loose format could leave Ms. Palin, a relatively inexperienced debater, at a disadvantage and largely on the defensive.”

To quote Andrew Sullivan: “Are you fucking kidding me?”

This is a woman who has claimed in public that she’s “ready to be president”. Considering that she and her running mate have gone into hiding from reporters’ questions and that they have to rejigger the debate because she’s not fast enough on her feet, it’s pretty hard to believe that. Pretty hard indeed. God forbid this woman ever have to lead any kind of negotiations. No wonder they’re so happy to snigger at the whole diplomacy thing…

Oh, and by the way, it appears the McCain campaign has also now taken over the governor’s office in Alaska and is trying to shut down the Troopergate investigation that was started before she became the nominee by a panel of TEN Republicans and only FOUR Democrats, claiming it’s too partisan. Her own husband is defying a subpoena along with a handful of others. Fortunately for them, they won’t be held accountable for this illegal act until the Alaskan Congress meets again. In January 2009. Long after the election in case you’re not good at math.

Are you fucking kidding me, indeed. The McPalin campaign is a joke, a farce and a national embarrassment.

I’m just sayin’…