Uncategorized — September 16, 2008 at 6:29 am

Lies and Damn Lies, Part X


Whoa. Somebody borrowed “a pair” from Hillary. Crazy part is, she’s from Fox News!

Of course, Tucker Bounds is a total douchebag. But the fact that he’s been reduced to admitting that they are telling lies about Obama raising everyone’s taxes is because they don’t believe him. Get that? They say he’s going to raise the estate tax, the payroll tax, business tax, income tax, and the death tax and their justification in doing so, in the face of the opposite claim by Obama himself in his tax plan, is that they don’t believe him.

Desperate. Totally and completely desperate. But they’re for CHANGE, too, though! Don’t forget that! Change! Change you can HOPE for! Hopeful change that’s for the country first POW. War hero! Change!

I’m just sayin’…