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Lies and Damn Lies, Part IV


ABC gets it mostly right:

The most controversial item in the McCain ad is the assertion that Obama supports children “learning about sex before learning to read,” and the accusation that Obama’s “one accomplishment” on education was “legislation to teach ‘comprehensive sex education’ to kindergarteners.”

But both claims are false.

The idea seems to be to paint Obama as an insanely liberal sleaze ball who wants to teach young kids who don’t even know how to read all about graphic sexual information.

That’s not fair and it’s not accurate.

Why is it that the mainstream media folks can just come right out and say “This is a LIE”???

A cousin of mine has a son who was raped as a boy by his male babysitter. It was only after it had happened several times that the little boy complained to his parents that his “bottom hurt”.

When I was a Cubmaster of our local Cub Scout Pack (my son was in 2nd grade), our boys ALL had to complete a unit called “Child Protection” that involved teaching them what inappropriate touching is. The idea was to let these boys know what is not okay for grown-ups to do to them. And it is EXACTLY the type of thing that was spelled out in the legislation referred to in this incredibly slimey, sleazy, unconscionable ad put out by the McPalin campaign, the legislation that Senator Obama voted for. The intention was to protect children from sexual predators like the one that raped my cousin’s little boy.

If that little boy had been exposed to the type of age-appropriate material that is referred to in the bill, perhaps he wouldn’t have been sodomized more than one time by the animal that abused him. He would have known to go to his parents and let them know what was happening.

John McCain is a man whose soul is rotting from the inside out. I honestly believe that he was once an honorable man who cared more about his country than nearly anything else, particularly politics. However, that John McCain has now been swallowed by a political machine that has taken over his morals, his ethics and his honor. He is now willing to do anything to get elected. He’s willing to lie about his opponent’s tax plan and tell America Senator Obama will raise their taxes when, in fact, the opposite is true. He is willing to lie about his running mate’s record even after the lies have been exposed for the world to see. And now he has proven that he is willing to accuse his opponent, a man with very young daughters, of wanting to teach children “comprensive sex education” before they can read and do it in such menacing tones that the ad very nearly suggests that Senator Obama is a pedophile.

This goes beyond lying. This goes beyond politics. This is defamation that borders on slander and I can only pray that the American voters will see this for what it is and punish John McCain on November 4th.

If they don’t, I despair for our country.

I’m just sayin’…