Uncategorized — September 26, 2008 at 5:19 pm

He Comes To Save the Daaaaaay!!!


Hilzoy over at Obsidian Wings blog sums up McCain’s blatant and cynical politicization of the financial crisis perfectly:

David Kurtz notes that McCain had spoken to the House Republicans before they staged their revolt, and that a number of them reported that he seemed sympathetic to their ideas. McCain’s campaign, however, issued a statement saying that he “did not attack any proposal, or endorse any plan.”

That’s what I call real leadership: parachute in after other people have been in complicated negotiations for days, trailing the entire national press corps behind you, on the grounds that you are urgently needed, in person — and then undermine the deal behind the scenes without being willing to publicly take any position at all.


I’m just sayin’…