Eclectalife — August 23, 2008 at 8:40 am

Cthulhu 2008!


We’re back from our trip to the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. Much fun was had, many beers were drank and four years of wedded bliss were celebrated. We spent the evening of our anniversary drinking the same sparkling wine (“Talismon“) from L. Mawby winery that we served at our reception while lying on the beach where we had the wedding ceremony. Good times.

As we travel up in the northern part of Michigan, particularly along the Lake Michigan shore, we see some of the most awesomest houses and locations ever. We refer to these people as “fuckers” ’cause they get to live where WE want to live.

As it turns out, many of them are also Barack Obama supporters. We saw dozens of Obama yard signs and countless Obama bumperstickers. The McCain count on yard signs was like three and I can’t recall seeing a single bumpersticker. An interesting point is that you have to buy a yard sign or bumpersticker from Obama’s campaign – they don’t give them away. They would far rather have people out talking to their neighbors and joining the campaign as volunteers. Obama supporters are proud and happy to pay a small token for the opportunity to display their pride. Very motivated group, these Obama folks.

McCain supporters? Ehhh…not so much.

Anyway, as we drove through the land of awesome Lake Michigan lakefront homes and totally awesome real estate, we saw many yard signs and bumperstickers. We refered to these people as “Fuckers for Obama”.

I wanna be one :D

However, I should confess, I did see one bumpersticker that might have swayed me from voting for Barack Obama. It was this one:

Why settle for the LESSER evil?!

Cthulhu rocks.

I’m just sayin’…