Uncategorized — July 17, 2008 at 8:12 pm

The Republican Hypocrisy Nation


I love this. All of it. It’s such blatant hypocrisy that it just makes you laugh and laugh and laugh.

Where to start…

Well, first, the Bush administration is now in diplomacy mode with Iran. First Obama is compared to a Nazi appeaser for suggesting it. Now they’re doing it. I’m sure it’ll be a lame-assed attempt so they can later see “See? We told you wouldn’t work” then proceed to bomb Iran.

Then McCain comes out in support of sending additional troops to Afghanistan, sort of an Afghan Surge, if you will. This is a few scant weeks after he reamed Obama for suggesting it.

And today, McCain, just a few short weeks after his own Euro-tour, calls Obama’s trip to Europe and the Mideast (remember HE was the one who told Senator Obama he needed to go there) “political“.

It’s bad enough that they co-opt the good Senator’s ideas on foreign policy but for McCain to then criticize Obama for doing the very same thing he himself did?..sheezo. How lame is THAT???!

I’m just sayin’…