Uncategorized — July 23, 2008 at 6:48 am

The McCain Iraq Surge Lie


He’s losing it. He’s either lying deliberately in his state of desperation or he has a very, very tenuous grasp on “the facts on the ground” in Iraq.

When it comes down to it, whether or not The SurgeTM worked isn’t the issue for me. I guess you could say that it worked except that the number of troops in Iraq is now higher than it was before The SurgeTM and there doesn’t appear to have been any serious political reconciliation or getting-their-shit-together and we’re basically back down to violence levels that existed prior to The SurgeTM. But, okay, I’ll grant you that The SurgeTM worked swimmingly and everything is so much better.

All that being said, I contend that we shouldn’t have gone into Iraq in the first place, that the only person running for president in this country that showed openly good judgment in this regard was Senator Barack Obama and that what Senator John McCain has shown is that he is pretty much a carbon-copy of George Bush when it comes to his thinking and his strategery approach to the “war”. If he thinks Americans are going to vote for that, he’s woefully mistaken.

I’m just sayin’…