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Snyder administration dodges questions like potholes, refuses to respond to FOIA request

Same-day service! Governor’s office wastes no time saying “no” to request from ProgressNow and Progress Michigan.

Regular readers of Eclectablog know that Chris Savage has been regularly calling out Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder on his lack of transparency. You can read some of that coverage HERE, HERE and HERE. And Chris is not the only one.

Gov. Snyder promised transparency from his administration, but time after time has thrown up smokescreens, if not brick walls, to prevent the public from hearing the whole story — especially when it comes to his now-infamous NERD Fund powered by secret donors and his dealings with corporatists who seem to have their fingers in everything from privatizing education to busting unions.…

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Democrats’ enthusiasm on the rise, over 40 attend 3-hour election training in Ann Arbor, Michigan

“When Democrats vote, we win.”

The Michigan Democratic Party is touring Michigan and conducting an intensive, three-hour training session designed to engage and education precinct delegates, activists, and candidates in preparation for the 2014 election. As MDP Communications Director Josh Pugh put it, “When Democrats vote, we win. In 2014, we need to make sure we get our supporters to the polls so that we don’t have a repeat of the 2010 mid-term election.”

If the turnout in Washtenaw County is any indication, Democrats around the state are waking up, firing up, and ready for the task ahead. Over 40 people attended the training in Ann Arbor last Saturday night, a remarkable turnout given that NCAA College Basketball Championship games were being played and that the training didn’t end until 9:00 p.m.…

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President Bill Clinton to be keynote speaker at Michigan Democratic Party Jefferson-Jackson Dinner

The “Explainer-in-Chief” comes back to Michigan

Photo by Anne C. Savage, special to Eclectablog

It what can only be called a major coup, the Michigan Democratic Party announced today that the keynote speaker for their 2014 Jefferson-Jackson fundraising dinner will President Bill Clinton:

“I’m thrilled to welcome one of the great leaders of our time to Michigan to boost Democratic efforts to win in 2014,” said Lon Johnson, Michigan Democratic Party Chair. “We’re very much looking forward to hearing from President Clinton on how Democratic leaders can continue to work to create opportunity for all.”

“President Clinton has been a lifelong champion of the middle class, and I’m excited to welcome him to Michigan next month,” said Senator Debbie Stabenow.

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Michigan AG Schuette seeks to raise taxes, deny health insurance to citizens

By joining an anti-ACA lawsuit, Michigan panders to Tea Party extremists at the expense of the middle class.

It’s no secret that Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette and Michigan Republicans detest the Affordable Care Act (ACA). They’ve done everything they can to discredit or dismantle the law known as Obamacare, out of disdain for President Obama and what they consider “his” big government overreach.

What has been a secret, however, is the fact that Schuette has joined a federal lawsuit that could cost Michiganders millions of dollars in tax credits available to purchase health insurance. The Detroit Free Press broke the story on Friday.…

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Michigan Democrats on how we win in 2014

It starts with getting involved and ends with getting out the vote.

“When Democrats vote, Democrats win.” You’ve heard it before, and there’s a good reason why: It’s true.

The Michigan Democratic Party (MDP) is calling on Democrats across the state to spring into action for 2014. The earlier we mobilize, the better our chances of winning.

Want proof? According to Garrett Arwa, executive director of the MDP, more than 900,000 likely Democrats stayed home in 2010. Democrats helped win Michigan for President Obama in 2012, but look what happened in 2010. A slew of Republicans were elected at the state and federal level, including Governor Rick Snyder.…

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The Tea Party GOP can’t read a calendar any better than they can spell

They’re trying to turn back the clock to re-fight the 2012 election. Or the Civil War.

At first, many of us had trouble keeping track of what the Tea Party GOP wants in exchange for ending the government shutdown and raising the debt ceiling. But now it’s clear: What they’re really after are the same things they’ve wanted since 2010, and even earlier. Certainly since President Obama was first elected in 2008. The fact that the rest of the country wants to move forward with continuing to rebuild the economy and creating jobs doesn’t make a dent in their stubborn ideology.…

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Michigan Dem Justice Caucus & others present Camp Millie training for activists, candidates, and staff

Grassroots organizing at its finest

Every year, the Michigan Democratic Party Justice Caucus holds a two-day training workshop known as Camp Millie. It is a well-known and highly respected event aimed directly at progressive activists, candidates, and future staffers for elected officials. This year’s Camp Millie is titled “Diversity: The Challenge of Minority Candidates running in Majority Districts” and is co-sponsored by the Washtenaw County Democratic Party, the Washtenaw County Democratic Party Black Caucus, the Ann Arbor Democratic Party, and the 12th Congressional District Democrats.

The event takes place in Ann Arbor August 17 & 18, 2013 in the Eisenhower Center Moriah Hall at 3200 E.…

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ACTION: Michigan Democrats & progressive groups get ready for the Republican lame duck session

Now is not the time to rest

The Michigan legislature holds its lame duck session starting today and continuing through December 20th. The Republicans who control both houses of our legislature are signaling that they intend to get a LOT done in over the next four weeks. Further efforts to destroy our labor unions, an egregious, overreaching “reform” (aka privatization) of our public school system and further battles in their incessant War on Women all appear to be on the docket.

The Michigan Democratic Party along with the Michigan AFL-CIO are holding strategy/informational sessions this evening and tomorrow evening around the state and, if you have the time, it is imperative that you attend.…

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Ruben Marquez secures enough signatures to get on the ballot to challenge Tim Walberg in MI-07

Let’s roll!

As I have reported before, Jackson County Democratic Party Chair Ruben Marquez has entered the race to challenge Tim “The Original Tea Partier” Walberg in Michigan’s 7th Congressional District.

Marquez announced after Republican Joe Schwarz declined to run as a Democrat. This gave him less than two weeks to secure the required 1,000 petitions signatures to get on the ballot for the August primary.

He was successful.

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Scenes from the 2012 Michigan Democratic Party Endorsement Convention (LIVEBLOG)

Here a pol, there a pol, everywhere a pol pol(itician)

I’m at the 2012 Michigan Democratic Party Endorsement Convention at the Cobo Center in Detroit where the MDP will choose a host of candidates to appear on the 2012 ballot.

Here are some scenes from the event.

The vendors area doing a brisk business:

Congressman Gary Peters: for the newly-drawn 14th Congressional District.

The Protect Our Jobs table:

Lance Enderle, candidate for Congress in the 8th Congressional District:

Karla Swift, president of the Michigan AFL-CIO giving training on the Protect Our Jobs ballot initiation petition drive:

Shelia Johnson, Bridget Mary McCormack, and Connie Marie Kelley, “The Three Supremes”, a slate of Owen running for the Michigan Supreme Court and endorsed by both the Labor Caucus and Justice Caucus, speaking to the Justice Caucus audience:

Candidate for Congress in the 14th Congressional District and Mayor of Southfield, Brenda Lawrence:

Some scuttlebutt heard during the day:

  • Moderate Republican Joe Schwarz is being recruited to run as a Democrat to against Congressman Tim Walberg in the 7th Congressional District (again).
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