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GUEST POST: The stark contrast between Rick Snyder and Mark Schauer on marriage equality

This post was written by my dear friend Amy Hunter. Amy and I have known each other for several years thanks to Facebook and Twitter but only met in person for the first time this past summer at the Netroots Nation conference where we appeared on Lizz Winstead’s “Morning News Dump” together. Amy is President and Chair of the Kalamazoo Alliance for Equality and spokesperson for the Transgender Leadership Project.

Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor Lisa Brown looks on as same-sex couples share their first kiss as married couples after the ceremony she officiated

A Stark Contrast on Equality

By Amy Hunter

The contrast between what is good policy for Michigan and cynical electoral politics could not be starker.…

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UPDATED: Dem candidate for Michigan’s 93rd House District sends epic response to anti-gay hate group

UPDATE: Josh Derke now has a fundraising page up at JoshDerke.ruck.us. Please support this incredible Democrat.

You’ve probably heard of the Westboro Baptist Church and their hideously offensive protests. You may not have heard, however, of the Public Advocate of the United States. Public Advocate has been rightfully designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center and is run by Eugene Delgaudio, the Sterling District representative on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors in Virginia.

Public Advocate is a notorious anti-gay group and recently sent out candidates questionnaires to candidates in Michigan. One of these hit the mailbox of Josh Derke, the 27-year old Democrat running in Michigan’s 93rd House District.…

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Michigan insurers are denying transgender people coverage for necessary medical care

Advocates are working to get the same services covered for trans men and women that are covered for everyone else.

Jay Maddock has known he was a man for most of his life, even though that’s not the body he was born with. At age five, he told his dad he wanted to be a man, and was fortunate to grow up in a family that didn’t push gender stereotypes.

After spending 10 years living as a gay woman, Maddock decided he wasn’t going to let another year go by without living his real life. At age 25, he came out as a transgender man, and in 2011 he began his medical transition with therapy, testosterone injections and surgery to remove his breasts.…

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Will the Michigan GOP sacrifice LGBT civil rights on the altar of “deeply held religious beliefs”?

Last week, Governor Snyder pretended that he’s suddenly concerned with adding protections for LGBT folks to our state’s civil rights law, the Elliott-Larsen Act. As I have already said, this is a sham. Governor Snyder’s own words show how squishy his “support” is:

“I’m encouraging them to say there’s been a lot of dialog and discussion on this. It’s been healthy in the public and I think it could be an appropriate topic for the legislators to take up. I would appreciate that.


But the most troubling aspect of the Michigan GOP’s sudden interest in protecting the civil rights of the LGBT community in an election year isn’t how squishy it is but that it’s likely to be trumped by concern for the “deeply held religious beliefs” of our states bigots.…

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Gov. Rick Snyder’s new-found concern for LGBT civil rights is a sham

Yesterday at the Mackinac Policy Conference on Mackinac Island, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder did an about-face on his position regarding civil rights for members of the LGBT community. His actions or, rather, lack of actions on behalf of the LGBT community are well-known so the abrupt change is cause for considerable skepticism.

Snyder spelled out his new-found interest in LGBT civil rights in an interview on Michigan Public Radio’s Stateside program. During the interview, host Cynthia Canty asked Gov. Snyder about this sudden shift in his position:

Cynthia Canty: Just this morning Governor Snyder sent the strongest signal yet that he would look favorably on adding LGBT to Michigan’s civil rights law… [Governor Snyder,] you say this is something you want the legislature to take up but is this something you would actually endorse?…
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Rick Snyder’s slow transformation into Mark Schauer: Now supports LGBT civil rights just in time for the election!

There’s something going on that is truly amazing: Rick Snyder is slowly transforming into his Democratic opponent Mark Schauer on major issues voters are concerned about right now.

First it was raising the minimum wage. One day he’s saying it would harm the economy and wasn’t important to him. The next day he’s signing legislation into law that is almost identical to Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer’s proposal.

Today, out of the blue and contrary to his previous statements on the topic, Republican Rick Snyder suddenly wants civil rights protections for the LGBT community added to Michigan’s civil rights law, the Elliott-Larsen Act.…

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VIDEO: A transgender story with a happy ending – “The Whittington Family: Ryland’s Story”

Many of us in the progressive arena advocate passionately for LGBT civil rights. And right we should; it is literally the civil rights struggle of our time. Interestingly and unfortunately, LGBT rights have become mainly synonymous with civil rights for gay and lesbian men and women. Bisexuals like myself often aren’t taken seriously by straight or queer people and we often aren’t seen having much to worry about despite the fact that we can still be fired from our jobs in states like Michigan should our sexual orientation be discovered. I once had a national LGBT activist chide me for saying “our struggle” because he knew I was married to a woman.…

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PHOTOS: 300 Michigan same-sex couples wed during a one-day window of marriage equality

Same-sex marriage makes people cry

[All non-Twitter photos by Anne C. Savage, special to Eclectablog.]

Around 300 same-sex Michigan couples took advantage of a one-day window when they were allowed to marry legally yesterday. Four County Clerks — Nancy Waters in Muskegon, Barb Byrum in Ingham, Lawrence Kestenbaum in Washtenaw, and Lisa Brown in Oakland — opened their offices on Saturday to make it happen. The response was like a water-swollen damn bursting.

The infectious tears of happiness and relief flowed in crystal droplets of joy.

Gay marriage and #MImarriageequality makes people cry #MarriageEquality pic.twitter.com/45ge77QT7Z

— Chris Savage (@Eclectablog) March 22, 2014

Anne I started out at the Washtenaw County Clerk’s office just as it was opening at 9 a.m.…

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REPOST INTERVIEW: Jayne Rowse & April DeBoer – taking on Michigan’s same-sex marriage ban to protect their family

The ban on same-sex marriage in Michigan can tear families apart

[left to right: April, Nolan, Jacob, Jayne, and Ryanne]

Tomorrow the trial of April DeBoer vs. Rick Sndyer begins. This trial has implications not on for our state but for the entire country. Although it started as a suit to give same-sex parents the same sorts of adoption rights as opposite-sex parents enjoy, it has become so much more than that. However, as April points out in her op-ed in the Detroit Free Press today, it is still, at its core, about two parents who wish to protect their children.…

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Equality Michigan’s annual dinner and awards banquet rocks the D

On Saturday night this past weekend, the heroes who are Equality Michigan had their annual fundraising dinner and awards banquet. Although a couple of hundred people attended, it was a surprisingly intimate event on the top floor of the Motor City Casino in Detroit. With the dramatic Detroit skyline dominating the room, LGBT activists and allies gathered to celebrate their achievements and to recognize those who have contributed the most to the cause over the past year.

The following awards were given out:

Partners in Progress AwardBadlands Strategies for their work organizing the Unity Coalition and being a major contributor to the recent success of the One Royal Oak campaign.…

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