Terrorist strikes Planned Parenthood clinic in Wisconsin, detonates bomb

"Pro-Life" has different meanings for different people, apparently

A Planned Parenthood clinic in Grand Chute, Wisconsin was bombed last night. Fortunately, nobody was injured and the building sustained only minor damage from the resulting fire. The bombing is under investigation by the FBI. While presidential candidates like Mitt Romney say...
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Obama takes big lead on Romney in latest Gallup poll

Women make ALL the difference

Barack Obama has taken a 4-point lead over Mitt Romney in Gallup’s latest national poll, up from a 47-47 tie in their last poll.

He’s up over Rick Santorum by an even larger 51-43 gap.

The big change came mainly from from women under 50 years old where President Obama enjoys a more than 30-point lead. This confirms recent polling by the Pew Research Center showing the gap between the president and Romney among all women at 58-38.

In other words, the latest Republican attacks on women appear to be taking their toll on the GOP candidates and that is exactly as it should be.…

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Mitt Romney gets a public spanking by Obama’s foreign policy advisors

That’s gonna leave a mark

It’s not rare these days to hear Mitt Romney lying his ass off about President Obama and all the things President Romney would do to make things better. However, it IS rare to see as thorough and effective a response as the one from President Obama’s foreign policy team this week in Foreign Policy magazine.

It’s long but every word is worth your attention. Here are some snippets to whet your appetite.

Dear Governor Romney,

The letter in yesterday’s National Review signed by your foreign policy advisors painted a distorted picture of President Obama’s national security record.

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Michigan Gov. Snyder signs law that retroactively benefits only brother of GOP party chair Bobby Schostak

The arrogance and audacity of Michigan Republicans continues

On Thursday, Governor Rick Snyder signed a bill into law that goes into effect retroactively. The retroactive aspect of this bill benefits one person: David Schostak, brother and business partner of Michigan Republican Party chair Bobby Schostak. The bill overturns court decisions against Schostak that have him responsible for $2.4 million from a bad mortgage deal relating to the Cherryland Mall in Traverse City.

Wells Fargo bank will file a court challenge to a new state law signed by Gov. Rick Snyder that overturned a $2.4-million judgment against the brother and business partner of Michigan Republican Party Chairman Bobby Schostak, the bank’s attorney said Friday.…
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President Obama gets pair of personalized New Balance running shoes

Democrat Mike Michaud urges military to outfit troops in USA-made gear

Rep. Mike Michaud (Dem - ME-02)

Democratic Congressman Mike Michaud from Maine has introduced legislation requiring the U.S. military to outfit our troops in gear that is 100% USA-made. To bring attention to his effort, he had New Balance, a footwear manufacturer in his district and one of the last remaining domestic shoe companies, manufacture a pair of specialized running shoes for President Obama. He picked up the size 12D (!) shoes from New Balance’s facility in Norridgewock,  Maine on Friday and, that night, he presented them to the President at a fundraiser.…

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BREAKING: Keith Olbermann to join Fox News

New show will focus on one topic exclusively

In a move certain to send shockwaves throughout cable news, liberal commentator and former ESPN, MSNBC and Current TV host Keith Olbermann has announced that he is joining Fox News to host a new nightly show at 5 PM. The program, tentatively titled “Gored”, will be entirely focused on criticizing former Vice-President and current Current TV head Al Gore.

Olbermann was terminated by Current on Friday over creative differences in the direction of the channel’s news department.

“We’ve always admired Mr. Olbermann’s bombast,” said Fox News’ Vice-President Samuel Salmon. “And when we found out that he was interested in doing a show that would consistently and exclusively attack Al Gore, we decided that we had to get him on the air ASAP.”

The show will replace The Five and begin airing April 1, 2012.…

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Federal judge throws out FEC ruling that shields funders of political attack ads

Sunshine on elections makes me happy…

U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson has thrown out a 2007 FEC ruling that allowed some funders of political ads to remain anonymous, striking a blow for transparency and sterilizing sunlight on at least some of the political attack ads we see ad nauseum during election Silly Season.

U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson in Washington ruled that the Federal Election Commission went beyond its power in 2007 when it ruled that corporations and nonprofits didn’t have to reveal the identities of those who financed certain election ads, AP reported. The ruling can be seen here.…
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Wall Street has its best 1st quarter since 1998

Lookin’ good, lookin’ good…

This bodes well for the Obama re-election campaign. The Republicans are counting on a tanking economy and for corporate interests to come running to their rescue. And then comes this: Wall Street had its best first quarter since … wait for it … 1998!

Despite falling six out of the last nine sessions, the S&P 500 gained 12 percent in the first quarter, its best start of the year since 1998 and the best overall quarter since the third quarter of 2009. The broad-market average sits just off four-year highs.

Hard to imagine an outpouring of corporate money flowing to the GOP when Wall Street is doing so well.…

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