Today’s Moment of Derp – “I don’t know how you regulate common, everyday things such as driving while impaired”


Former Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox on legalizing marijuana:

Former Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox admitted Friday he smoked pot when he was in high school during the 1970s. But during a symposium on the impact of marijuana reform, Cox stressed there are practical problems in legalizing marijuana, and that’s why he wouldn’t support changes some activists in Michigan are seeking.

“I am not for it mostly because I don’t know how you regulate common, everyday things such as driving while impaired,” said Cox, a Republican. “If it becomes legal, I don’t think I’ll ever use it again.

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Highland Park schools get their Emergency Manager after all

Not like we didn’t see it coming or anything…

As predicted, Highland Park schools have been assigned an Emergency Manager

LANSING – Gov. Rick Snyder on Friday confirmed an emergency manager in Highland Park Schools and appointed certified public accountant Jack Martin to take over the troubled district.

Martin’s appointment is effective Monday. The move was not unexpected after a review team recently recommended appointment of an emergency manager, citing the growth in the school district’s deficit to $11.3 million, among other factors.

Martin, founder and chairman of Martin, Arrington, Desai & Meyers PC, is the former chief financial officer for the U.S.

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President Obama’s spokesman calls out Republicans directly on their obstructionism

Today, on their way from Michigan to Andrews Air Force Base, Press Secretary Jay Carney held a press gaggle. In it, he specifically laid the blame for obstructionism at the feet of Republicans; House Republicans in particular.

Question: Some Democrats sometimes get upset when he refers to the obstructionist Congress, and they feel that he’s lumping them in with Republicans, and I’m wondering if he’s going to make a distinction –

MR. CARNEY: I certainly don’t think you’ve heard that kind of concern expressed by Democrats in any — in recent memory. I think we’ve made pretty clear, because the facts are incontestable, that the unfortunate obstructionism the country has encountered in passing common-sense, mainstream measures to get the economy going, in passing a balanced approach to deficit reduction and long-term control of our debt, have been Republicans exclusively.

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LIVEBLOG: President Obama in Ann Arbor – January 27, 2012

Being a battleground state has its privileges

If the internet gods shine their benevolent faces on us today, I’ll be posting live updates from President Obama’s speech in Ann Arbor, Michigan this morning. During his last Michigan stop at the University of Michigan spring commencement, there were so many people uploading to their Facebook pages that I was unable to get my email, much less liveblog. Today’s event should be a bit less congested but there are no guarantees.

As I said in my fundraiser post earlier, Anne and I are trying out some new technology today that will allow her to post her high quality photos just a minute or two after she takes them.…

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Day 5 – First quarter fundraising drive

Why should you donate? Let me count the ways reasons.

It’s a big day today. My wife and I are up early, getting ready to head over to cover President Obama’s speech in Ann Arbor.

We’ll be trying out some new technology today that will allow us to have Anne’s high-quality photos online within minutes of her capturing the image. I’m not talking about quick uploads of iPhone photos. I’m talking about the high-quality photos my readers have come to expect. If everything goes well on the inaugural run today, you’ll be seeing photos of President Obama online before any other news outlet.

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Detroit News wants a piece of the Emergency Manager action, I guess

Now tell me something I didn’t know

The Detroit News ran a rather absurd article today titled “Michigan EM statute is strictest in nation”.

No, dudes, the Michigan Emergency Manager statute is the ONLY ONE in the nation. Really, get your facts straight.

The article is nothing more than a fluffy regurgitation of a handful of things I’ve been writing about here for months.

One of main the segments talks about Indiana’s legislation wending its way through their legislature. I wrote about that five days ago.

I honestly have no idea what the point of this article was. It presents no new information and has a title that is totally absurd.…

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Michigan is 175 years old today! Why we fight for this beautiful state.

Happy Birfday!

Today is Michigan’s 175th birthday. As a proud, lifelong Michigander, I am so happy to wish my beautiful state a glorious happy birthday. It’s because this state is so beautiful, has so much spirit and is full of so many amazing people that I and so many others will never give up the fight against the powers that would harm our precious home.

My wife has a most-excellent photoblog up with some of her amazing photos of our state.

Click photo for more amazing images of Michigan

From her blog post:

My husband, Chris, and I met in an unconventional way and at the time we lived 500 miles apart.…
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Thousands in line by 8 a.m. in January for tickets to see Obama in Ann Arbor

Barackstar Obama

It’s January in Michigan which means brrrrrr! That didn’t stop thousands of people from being in line by 8 a.m. this morning, hoping to score one of the 3,000 tickets that were being given out starting at 9 a.m. What rock concert was it? Not a rock concert but truly a rock star: tomorrow morning President Obama will speak at the University of Michigan.

You can see some photos of folks in line at

My friend Bob M. emailed me a few times about it:

8:06 a.m. – Any chance you can influence the Obama folks to change the venue.…
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