The Hypocrisy is Breathtaking, Even for Romney

The Hypocrisy is Breathtaking, Even for Romney

Mitt can hide, but he can’t run

Mitt Romney has finally found something to improve his record-low approval ratings: hiding.

By focusing on schmoozing with donors and keeping his “Let me explain why your layoff/foreclosure is good for the economy” tone and smirk off of television, he’s brought his approval rating to 48 percent. That’s still well below the President who has a 56 percent approval rating and most Kardashians.

Hiding has become Romney’s favorite campaign tactic. He’s hiding his tax returns, the departments he’ll cut and what he’ll do in Afghanistan. He won’t tell us what tax deductions he’ll eliminate as he proposes cutting his own tax bill in half.…

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Thad McCotter retires leaving the field open to a tea party libertarian, Kerry Bentivolio

This isn't any better...

There's a lot of laughing and giggling and guffawing bout the utter failure of Congressman Thad McCotter. Since it was discovered that almost 90% of the signatures he turned in to get on the August primary ballot were invalid, he has now dropped out of the race and won't be running a write-in campaign. Unfortunately, the guy who did make the ballot is as bad or worse than McCotter.
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Steve Pestka Facebook page sheds hundreds of “Likes” after allegations that he bought them

Run away! Run away!

My piece last week titled “Is Democrat Steve Pestka buying Facebook “Likes” for his MI-03 campaign page?” ended up making a pretty big splash. It got picked up by Mario Aguilar at Gizmodo and then John Aravosis at AMERICAblog.

Both pieces took Pestka to task for what seems to clearly be a purchase of Facebook likes in order to make it look like the candidate is wildly popular on the internet. Except in his case, Steve Pestka is oddly very popular with 13-17 year old kids from Israel and the Philippines.

Subsequent to the story, the Pestka Facebook page started shedding “likes”.…

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The Time to Get Outraged is Now

The Time to Get Outraged is Now

I’m tellin’ y’all, it’s a sabotage

Last Friday, the Labor Department announced that the US economy had created 69,000 jobs in May. That’s 58,000 more jobs than George W. Bush’s monthly average of creating 11,000 jobs a month, according to economist Justin Wolfers who claims he did something called “math.”

But the GOP reacted as if President had just taken Clinton’s booming economy and surplus and turned into a steaming mess of debt and joblessness in one month.

Mitt Romney went on CNBC—his first non-Fox News interview in months—and danced on the faces of the unemployed. His one idea to improve the economy?…

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Beer With Bloggers a smashing success

We have the smartest readers in the blogosphere

On Thursday night this past week, we had our Beer With Bloggers event at the Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti. We had a great turnout of around 75 people and the conversations were fascinating. The event was originally started by one of Michigan's finest bloggers, Mark Maynard from This is the two of us. I'm the one on the right with...
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Why I’m literally going after the @GOP

Why I’m literally going after the @GOP

Republicans have been getting their news from clowns for years

As @LOLGOP, I try to use GOP tactics to mock the GOP and GOP tactics. Basically I’m an enraged, ranting megalomaniac—at least on Twitter.

Over 60,000 fine Twitter users follow LOLGOP. That’s more than follow the corporate sponsors of the tea party movement @FreedomWorks and four-times more than a likely VP nominee, former Bush Administration spokesmodel @RobPortman.

I have thank the GOP—Mitt, Santorum, Newt, Trump, Rick Perry, Bachmann and Palin, especially. Their seriously scary policies and personalities are so easy to LOL at.

But we cannot stop now.…

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Federal Appeals Court rules Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional


In a major step forward in giving same-sex couples the ability to marry and have the same rights and protections as heterosexual couples, a federal appeals court in Boston today ruled that the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is unconstitutional. [More after the jump.]
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Pete Hoekstra sinks to a new low, calls for a Birther Office in Washington, D.C. staffed by the FBI & CIA

Are there really that many tea partiers out there to pander to???

After the embarrassment of his “Yellow Girl” video ad and numerous other faux pas over the years, Senate candidate Pete Hoestra dialed the “Whack-a-Doo” machine up to eleven recently by suggesting that there a department in Washington, D.C. with the sole purpose of investigating the birth certificates of presidential candidates.

Answering questions at a Lapeer County Tea Party Patriots forum recently, Hoekstra said that it’s too late to investigate President Obama because, well, John McCain screwed that all up. But, he wants to be sure it never happens again.…

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