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Michigan Republican calls subsidized child care “gubmint child’s care centers” & “government re-engineering centers”

Lapeer-area State Representative Todd Courser is a member of the State House Education Committee which oversees legislation pertaining to schools in our state. It’s an interesting assignment for him since he homeschools his own kids and regularly disparages public education.

On his Facebook page today, as part of an anti-Planned Parenthood rant, Courser refers to child care providers as – I’m not kidding here – “gubmint child’s care centers” & “government re-engineering centers”:

Lots of reasons to vote against this coming budget, it cuts road funding (you heard me right), it of course increases Medicaid funding, more money for gubmint child’s [sic] care centers (government re-engineering centers), increases child dental, more for education and more expanded government…

Presumably what he is talking about here are components of Gov.…

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Brighton tea party charter school group still shopping for an authorizer, Hillsdale College now actively involved

After Brighton Area Schools declined to charter their school the organizers of the proposed charter school in Brighton called the Livingston Classical Academy, formerly the Lindbom Classical Academy – which is part of the American Classical Academy group, formerly the American Christian Academy – have not given up. According to two recent articles, the group continues to shop around for a charter authorizer to authorize their alternative to what founder Pasquale Battaglia calls “government-run schools”.

In the first article in the Livingston County Press & Argus, LCA “development team leader” Dick Streetman put a happy face on the fact that they probably won’t be opening their school this fall:

“We still plan on pushing to find a charter regardless if we open this fall,” said Dick Streetman, LCA development team leader.…
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Florida Republicans want to force public schools to share their construction funds with charters

It could be worse, I suppose. We could be Florida.

At the risk of giving Michigan Republicans any ideas – because their love of destroying public education in favor of for-profit charter schools that sap resources from our public schools is well-documented – I present you with Florida House Republicans, leading from the rear.

A recent education reform effort, one supported by both Democrats and Republicans, went horribly awry when House Education Appropriations Subcommittee Chairman Erik Fresen from Miami stuck in a provision that would require public schools to share tens of millions of dollars in construction funds with charter schools.…

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Michigan Republicans: Teachers don’t need to be certified & education is to teach children to read the Scriptures

Ultra far right wing conservatives Todd Courser and Gary Glenn took steps this week that show beyond a shadow of a doubt that their views on education have more to do with people in the 18th Century than they do with any modern views on education today. In a Facebook post this week that he has since deleted, Courser describes our state’s education system as being run by “top down soviet style central planners” and says that the schools should be a “ministry of the church” to ensure that students can “read the scriptures” and not to prepare them for careers as adults.…

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Michigan Republicans show how much they value education by increasing funding a whopping 1.6%

“Don’t tell me what you value, show me your budget and I will tell you what you value.” – Joe Biden

Michigan Republicans put forth their proposed education budget yesterday and, as you would expect, it shows just how little the value education in our state. After slashing education funding for years, they are back this year with a paltry 1.6% increase. Even Gov. Snyder’s budget almost hit 2%. And it’s not just the tiny increase that is the biggest slap in the face to those who value the education of our children and see it as an investment in our state’s future.…

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UPDATED: Now that Agilix’s BUZZ software has been fully beta-tested by Detroit student guinea pigs, it’s time to cash in!

As I reported over a year ago, the Education Achievement Authority – Gov. Rick Snyder’s failed education experiment on Detroit children – was used as a testing ground for software that endeavors to teach children using computers with little teacher interaction. The colossal failure of this software called BUZZ has been well-documented here on this site.

At the time, I wrote this:

What seems very clear from these accounts is that this is not user-friendly software by any fare stretch of the imagination. A little digging shows why: The EAA was the field testing operation for BUZZ which is a product of Agilix.…
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Michigan tea party Republican Todd Courser creates phony homeschooler outrage over education bills

Once again proving that reading comprehension isn’t a requirement for being a legislator…

Lapeer state legislator Todd Courser, a self-described “Constitutional, Conservative Republican”, is an ardent defender of “the freedom of parent’s choice in education for their children”. This is code language for homeschooling children, something Courser and his wife have done with their own kids. There are myriad reasons for parents to homeschool their kids and it’s a noble endeavor that requires an enormous commitment of time and resources to do it right.

Recently, Senate Bill 169 and Senate Bill 170 were introduced to allow high school graduates, including those who are homeschooled, to receive a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) endorsement on their diploma.…

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911 tape shows “threatening” Brighton parent arrested for trespassing at tea party school open house was “very calm, very quiet”

WHMI is reporting that the Livingston County Prosecutor’s office will move forward with misdemeanor trespassing charges against Brighton parent Glenn Ikens who had the audacity to remain seated when asked to leave the “open house” of a proposed tea party charter school in Brighton. According to a spokesman for the the Livingston County Classical Academy (formerly the Lindbom Classical Academy) which is part of the American Classical Academy (formerly the American Christian Academy), the owner of the building, Pasquale Battaglia, “feared for his safety” from Ikens.

Mr. Ikens has attacked Mr. Battaglia personally many times in public meetings and in writing.…
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Mich Gov. Snyder balances budget on backs of students (again) and takes control of failing schools (again)

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder continued his assault on education this week with two remarkable moves that betray his claims to have education at the top of his priority list.

First, he signed legislation that fills a huge budget hole, created in part by ongoing multi-billion dollar tax cuts for businesses by diverting $167 million from the School Aid Fund. This comes on the heals of fake increases in per-pupil funding that are actually cuts.

But the most outrageous move was to remove control of the State School Reform and Redesign Office, which oversees the Education Achievement Authority, from the Department of Education and putting it under the oversight of the Department of Technology, Management and Budget.…

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Mainstream media begins to pick up story of conservative charter school group having opponent arrested at “Open House”

NOTE: All of my reporting on this issue can be found HERE.

Four days after the self-described conservative group Livingston Classical Academy (formerly Lindbom Classical Academy) had a vocal opponent, Glenn Ikens, arrested for refusing to leave their “open house”, mainstream media outlets are beginning to report on it. The Detroit News has light coverage HERE and the Livingston County Press & Argus has more in-depth coverage HERE. WHMI Radio expanded their coverage HERE.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this reporting is a statement Livingston Classical Academy spokesperson Jay McNally gave to the Livingston County Press & Argus:

“In the spirit of forgiveness, we don’t intend to press charges.…
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