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Multi-millionaire GOP Congressman David Trott illegally exploits free mail privileges to save a few thousand dollars


As part of the Code of Laws of the United States of America – 39 U.S.C. § 3210(3)(a) to be specific – “It is the policy of the Congress that the privilege of sending mail as franked mail shall be established under this section in order to assist and expedite the conduct of the official business, activities, and duties of the Congress of the United States.”

Basically this means that members of Congress get to send mail to their constituents free. However, section 3210(5)(c) prohibits franked mail that “specifically solicits political support for the sender”.

This is a commonly abused law and many members of Congress go months, even a year between sending their constituents mail. Then, right before the next election, they’re suddenly all up in your mailbox.

So, it’s not particularly uncommon to use the free mail privileges to promote yourself before an election. However, multi-millionaire Republican Congressman David Trott from Michigan’s 11th Congressional District recently crossed the line with mail that he sent. The mail he sent is very clearly political and soliciting votes even though it doesn’t actually say “Vote for Trott”.

Have a look (click images for larger versions):

This is literature Trott recently sent to his constituents. It does nothing to communicate about issues that Trott’s constituents need to know about. It’s very clearly a piece of political literature and ONLY a piece of political literature.

I’ll bet he saved himself a few thousand dollars doing it, too! A multi-millionaire is illegally abusing his franking privilege to save a few thousand dollars. Sadly, this greedy corporatist Republican will get away with it and will likely be reelected because few people know his story and his district is heavily gerrymandered.

David Trott: still a greedy corporatist parasite on the jugular vein of society.

Adding… How gerrymandered is MI-11? Well, let’s just say they aren’t interested in Pontiac’s more liberal voters voting in that Congressional District:

[Hat tip to Cyndi Peltonen who tipped me off to this and provided the photos of the literature.]

  • Mike Czubaj

    The reason rich people are rich is because they never spend their own money……

  • HonoluluBlue

    I live in MI-11, and “heavily gerrymandered” may be an understatement. Since I’ve lived there (since 2000) we have suffered through Thad McCotter, who was too stupid to file the miniscule amount of signatures necessary to keep himself on the ballot; then a disgraced, fired teacher and reindeer farmer who’s own brother said was “mentally unbalanced” in Kerry Bentevolio, and now Trott, a multi-millionaire that made his fortune foreclosing on homes of the elderly. We’ve had some excellent Democratic candidates in that time, but they had no chance of winning in a district that would vote for Adolf Hitler if he was on the “r” line!

  • Amy Lynn Smith

    Thanks for reminding voters who Rep. Trott really is. Right after the primary I got a robo-call telling me that Rep. Trott is there to help me cut through all the government red tape. As if. He’s nothing but a seat-warmer in Congress; I’ve seen him do nothing but berate President Obama. Dr. Anil Kumar has my vote this November — he has proven through a lifetime of service that he actually cares about human beings.

    • Michiganmitch

      Trott’s weekly e-mail to constituents detailed his efforts to defeat TPP, something I am down with. The trouble is that he and 5 GOP colleagues have called for President Obama to force a lame duck vote to assure defeat. Since TPP is heavily supported by Republicans, chances of passage DIMINISH significantly after the new, more Democratic congress and President Clinton are sworn in. Either Trott is totally incompetent or he is trying to have his cake and eat it too. My guess is that Trott supports TPP, being the corporatist hack that he is, but realizes in MI-11, most constituents likely oppose the deal. Hence, he is recommending a strategy that will likely result in passage within a more Republican lame duck environment while howling that he adamantly opposes the deal. What a slime ball!

      • breakingatoms

        I also live in MI-11 and to the best of my knowledge, Trott supports TPP, at least he did last year when the initial vote was up in the US House. I called his office to voice my opinion to vote no and his staff had a canned response that he was going to support it because of jobs, etc.

        No doubt his campaign probably saw that poll showing his district starting to turn from Strong to potentially a toss up and now he’s changing his tune so that maybe he can hold onto the seat.

        However, having lived here for 10 years, it’s going to be uphill but perhaps it can be done this year. Dr. Kumar is a great specialist and a very warm friendly person, he’s much more human than Trott at a glance. He suggested to me that he’d be making more of a prescence than Trott in the district and after the last few years of no representation I think that could be a winning strategy.

        It’ll all depend on the next two months, if anyone recalls, in 2012 we actually won the temp seat election for the remainder of McCotter’s term but lost the full term to Bentivolio. Anything is possible with the current polling data.

        • Michiganmitch

          Haven’t volunteered for the Kumar campaign yet. I did make many calls and knocked doors for McKenzie and Slavens. I think when Sept.rolls around I will get involved.

          • Brian A Stone

            Let me know if you’re interested in volunteering! We can always use more help on the campaign.

          • Michiganmitch

            I will be phone banking come Monday.

  • Jeffrey Suhre

    Someone, only following his Policies & CEO Business Practices of his States (R) Governor. Since his Governor got re-elected after Poisoning nearly 100K of his Constituents & Killing at least 12 of them. Signed another :/ MI 11th CD voter.

  • Leroy_Mouchelette

    Will never understand the “normalization” of American gerrymandering.

  • Rick Thompson

    Fantastic article and thank you for writing it. From a Michigan voter.

  • Christopher Warren

    What do you expect from a guy who’s only defense for his slimy forclosure business is “If I didn’t do it someone else would.”?

    • Michiganmitch

      And a cornerstone of his campaign is decrying all the burdensome regulations (consumer protections) that are smothering (making safe ) the market place. He should be forced to recuse himself (resign from office due to conflict of interest contrary to the welfare of his constituents) from votes on banking and mortgage regulation since he made his fortune on deregulation and derelict enforcement.

  • Escondidoman

    39 U.S.C. § 3210 is a statute, not a regulation.

  • Ann Wisniewski

    I hate living in Trout’s gerrymandered district. We have also had to endure the McCotter/Bentevolio fiasco. What we do for Republicans to get elected.