No, Michigan GOP, you really don’t understand women


When you vote against women and then openly mock them on the House floor, you can’t pretend you’re not waging a War on Women.

Do they not have actual work to do? Michigan Republicans Peter Pettalia, Roger Victory and Ben Glardon posed for a photo today on the House floor with women’s fashion magazines.

The photo was tweeted out by Jake Neher, State Capitol Reporter for the Michigan Public Radio Network, who added the quote which he attributed to Rep. Pettalia. “He said it a couple times, jokingly,” Neher said in response to a question on Twitter.

The look on the Representatives’ faces is worth a thousand words.

“Don’t say we don’t understand women”? Really?

The photo pretty much makes it clear these legislators don’t. Especially when you consider that all three of them voted for the “rape insurance” law that prevents Michigan women from getting insurance coverage for an abortion without a separate rider — even in cases of rape or incest.

In a statement issued by Progress Michigan, Democratic Rep. Vicki Barnett had a few choice words for her conservative colleagues.

A group of anti-choice Republican men pose with fashion magazines and claim they understand women? On the Democratic side we women work hard and do our jobs everyday to fight for issues that are of dire importance to women – we find this to be insulting, especially considering the fact that all three of those male lawmakers voted to pass the rape insurance law in Michigan. These legislators need to apologize to their female colleagues and constituents.

Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan, anticipates that the GOP representatives will claim their actions were just a joke taken out of context.

“Issues like access to women’s health care and equal pay for equal work are not a joke, but to these legislators that doesn’t appear to be the case,” Scott said. “These representatives should immediately apologize for their sexist behavior.”

Meanwhile, the Michigan House Democrats sent a very clear message of their own on Twitter:

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[Graphic by Anne Savage for Eclectablog.]

  • Patti

    Are they really this ignorant. One of these guys looks pretty young too. They need to get a clue. Women care about ISSUES when it comes to politics. ISSUES. And voting for rape insurance, putting restrictions on abortion services, cutting un-employment insurance, raising taxes on seniors, the middle class and working poor, installing EM laws that take away someone’s vote, cutting public education by billions, RTW for less are issues that women care about. Whether or not some loon is reading a woman’s magazine is so beside the point it’s gone. They need to get a clue – but then if they actually did understand they would be Democrats. Vote Blue 2014 and send them home. Michigan deserves better.

    • Amy Lynn Smith

      Well said, Patti.

  • Germaine Gebhard

    Are they in favor of raising the minimum wage so the women in their districts can start to even be able to afford one thing in those fashion magazines? It’s insulting to me as a voter, a woman and a citizen of Michigan that they have such a narrow view of what is important to women.

  • Cath

    More and more, the politicians of this state make me want to look farther afield when I get my second college degree and start looking for a new job. If my family wasn’t all here I would have moved out of this backwater years ago. >:(

    • Amy Lynn Smith

      Hang in there — and vote for Democrats in 2014!

  • judyms9

    Very few conservatives do humor well, and that certainly includes these guys who somehow think they are amusing. Their policies are awful because they have a very narrow range of inquiry, kind of like knock-knock jokes.

    • Michiganmitch

      This is as funny as Mitt Romney and his Bain Capital compadres holding large bills in their mouths, having them falling out of their pockets and other such nonsense.

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  • Hoi Polloi

    Think about the level of hostile racism the GOP has exhibited since President Obama took office. Now consider in two years Hillary Clinton will run for president and win. We’re only seeing the warm up to the Olympics of sexism that is going to happen from Republicans once Hillary Clinton is in the White House.

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