More Michigan cities and schools in financial crises under Rick Snyder than all other governors combined


Governor Snyder: it’s not working

Three new municipalities are now under consideration for an Emergency Manager: Lincoln Park, Royal Oak Township, and Highland Park. If Highland Park goes, it will be its second time around and it will be the third city to come out of financial crisis under an Emergency Manager only to go back under an Emergency Manager once again (along with Flint and Hamtramck.)

When you look at the situation under Governor Snyder compared with his predecessors, the data is striking. Including all cities and schools that have either had a consent agreement, an emergency manager, or that are being considered for an emergency manager, Governor Snyder is far and away the leader.

Under John Engler, there were 3 cities (Flint, Hamtramck, and Highland Park).

Under Jennifer Granholm there were 5 cities (Benton Harbor, Ecorse, Highland Park, Pontiac, and Three Oaks Village [population 1,604]) and one school district (Detroit Public Schools).

Under Rick Snyder, there an astounding 12 cities (Lincoln Park, Highland Park, Royal Oak Township, Hamtramck, Detroit, Allen Park, Inkster, Flint, Benton Harbor, Pontiac, Ecorse, and River Rouge) and 6 school districts (Ecorse Public Schools, East Detroit Public Schools, Pontiac Public Schools, Muskegon Heights Public Schools, Highland Park Public Schools, and Detroit Public Schools).

Here’s how it looks graphically:

Keep in mind that Governor Snyder has only been at this for three years while Jennifer Granholm was in office for eight years and dealt with the biggest economic implosion that this country has seen in decades, one that hit manufacturing states like Michigan hardest.

In contrast, Governor Snyder’s relentless positive action has stripped funding from schools and municipalities while he and his Republican colleagues blame the resulting financial crises largely on corrupt politicians, unions and the workers who show up every day to do the work that governments and schools do.

I have a pro tip for Governor Snyder and the Michigan Republicans: what you are doing isn’t working. We’re not seeing fewer schools and municipalities facing financial crises under your “leadership”. We’re seeing an astronomical growth in the numbers. At some point you’re simply going to have to admit that your approach has failed and it’s time for change.

If you don’t, Michigan voters will do that for you next year.

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  • Sisu Nichols

    At this point, I don’t care if he does change his course of action, the man must be voted out!

  • Taxpayer

    Jenny said we would be blown away. All cities listed in this article have been run by democrats since Hector was a pup. Corruption, sweetheart deals to cronies, and caving to unions is finally coming home to roost. This taxpayer doesn’t want to bail out the incompetence of the voters who elected these buffoons year after year

    • I suppose I shouldn’t expect simple people to understand complex socio-economic causes of urban decay, but good Lord, this sort of analysis is almost childish..

      • Taxpayer

        Gee, and I was thinking the same thing about simple people blaming it a guy who as you said only been in office 3 years. You can try and deflect blame like the citizens of Detroit have, tried to do and say it is all the out state peoples fault sticking their nose in Detroits business. Most of Detroits decay is self inflicted, with the help of social engineering. So in your world it is Synder and Englers fault. Never mind the Granholm had 8 years to right the ship and didn’t. I’ll grant you that the downsizing of the big three had an big impact, but the elected officials never changed the spending structure in the city from the days when money was pouring in. Just spend spend spend, and them demand the Obama needs to give them some bacon, because Detroit helped him get elected twice. Chicago is heading down the same path as Detroit in terms of finances. They luckily have a larger revenue stream, otherwise they would be insolvant now.

        • GET REAL

          Taxpayer, I can feel your frustration. We try to explain these things to the leftist progressive as if they don’t understand. But that is false as they VERY WELL understand the truths behind the matter. So, all they have to resort to is name-calling or sarcastic retorts.

  • Powkat

    Saddens me to see how low the state I grew up in has fallen. The anti-worker policies of the last 30 years have devastated it – last time I was there it just looked shabby.

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    The increase in the number of cities and municipalities under emergency management is just the result of a further worsening economic situation as the years went by. It is why there were more under Granholm than Engler and then more under Snyder than Granholm. Whoever succeeds Snyder, Democrat or Republican, will have a higher total than Snyder. Nice spin job. Now the spin ends and let’s talk facts. What do EVERY SINGLE CITY AND MUNICIPALITY on this list have in COMMON? …… You know it, we all know it. It’s just a matter of SAYING IT. They have all been controlled for years-upon-years by flaming leftist progressives with no sense of economic realities. EVERY SINGLE ONE of them is the direct result of FAILED LEFTIST POLICIES.
    And yet this article is saying we need MORE LEFTING POLICIES to fix this mess?
    Hahahaha! WOW!

    • GET REAL

      And just to add in, all we’ve been hearing for the last FIVE YEARS from the liberal progressive crowd and the Obama Administration is that this country is STILL A COMPLETE WRECK because of Bush and because of 2008 and because of the nightmare situation that Obama took over for. Bush’ fault.
      Yet, here we find this article, ready and eager to pile every single fault onto Snyder, as if he had anything to do with these failing liberal cities and municipalities!!! And he’s only been in for three years, two less than Obama!
      Once again, nice spin job. FACTS > Propaganda
      P.S. – I know you’ve made up your mind as to what kind of person I am. But you are WRONG AGAIN.
      Long-time MEA member. Union supporter. Teacher.
      I am the one liberal progressive subversives hate and the one Michigan parents want more of in their children’s classroom.

  • kicklotsofbutt

    They are reaping what they have sown, let them waller in their own mud, dam the democrats.

    • Wow. Are you for real? That whole “united” part of United States of America sort of escapes you, doesn’t it?

      • kicklotsofbutt

        I was born and raised in Detroit when it was a good place to live. I was also a Police Officer there. During Coleman Young’s first term the downfall began. What he did to the city should have landed him in jail along with most of the democrats since then. David Eberhard was a close personal friend and I spent a great deal of time with him. During that time I was in many council meetings and learned a great deal about the inner workings of the cities politics. There isn’t enough time or room on this blog to explain what the democrats and the voters did to bury the city into what it is today. I was smart and bailed out taking my pension money with me due to the fact that I could see the writing on the wall. There is no united anymore, it’s FREEDOM LOVING CONSERVATIVES AGAINST SOCIALIST DEMOCRATS that are destroying the entire country. Best you open your eyes and see what is going on. The democrats are no longer the conservative party of yesteryear and when other peoples money runs out then what will you do?

      • kicklotsofbutt

        One other thing I would like to point out, judging from your immature response and your location you are very young brainwashed progressives ( just another name for socialists) without any knowledge about this country other than what you have read in from a slanted left wing book. I am the 8th generation from 1730 here in the US. I have relatives that have fought in every war since the French and Indian War until now. I myself am a Vietnam Veteran and former Detroit Police Officer with 2 Citations and 22 Commendations. Being that I am also my families historian I have most of my ancestors war records. I also teach a Constitutional course at the local library. I probably have shoes that are older than you. During my Vietnam service I visited many countries, some socialist, dictatorship and down right communist and we are headed straight downhill out of stupidity. There is no perfect utopia at the end of your rainbow only poverty and despair without freedom, I have seen it first hand.

        • I’ll be 50 next month. You should buy shoes more frequently.

          • kicklotsofbutt

            That’s funny I was already serving my country in Vietnam by the time you were born. You must be one of those life long student hippies that has never experienced real life only in books.